Referendum for Ashcroft

Ashcroft Mayor Jack Jeyes explains the village will be going to referendum to get voter approval for the water treatment plant loan.


Dear Editor,

This is to the residents of Ashcroft.

The Alternative Approval Process to borrow up to $4.1 million for construction of a new water treatment plant has failed, and the Village has not received the approval of the voters. The assent of the voters to borrow the money will now be sought via a referendum. Staff has recommended that it (tentatively) take place on Saturday, August 20, with advance voting opportunities.

Between now and then there will be ample opportunity for residents to take part in public discussions about the water treatment plant and the referendum.

This issue is of vital importance to the Village, and it is crucial that all voters be informed about why a new water treatment plant is necessary and why council simply cannot say “no” to provincial legislation. Members of the public who have questions or concerns regarding the water treatment plant and/or the referendum are encouraged to contact a member of council, who would be happy to discuss the issue. Our contact information is located on the Village website at

Mayor Jack Jeyes and council