Resignation from council

Al Mertens explains why he has resigned from Ashcroft council.

Dear Editor,

Thursday, June 16 was my last day as a Village of Ashcroft councillor. I can no longer stay on as a representative of the community.

For the past 18 months, I have felt that council was not earnestly working towards a better future for our village. Status quo was never acceptable to me. I made suggestions intended to lead to progressive changes. Unfortunately, such inputs were not welcomed.

At present, and especially since voting against the budget process and seeking more information on the proposed water treatment plant, I have felt an increasing level of tension and animus towards me at council meetings. Differences of opinion should initiate conversation and discussion, not negate the people bringing them forth.

I do not have confidence that fellow councillors’ attitudes towards me will change, or that this council has a vision for Ashcroft. I feel that it would, therefore, be propitious—with the upcoming Assent Voting Referendum on the water treatment plant—for me to vacate my seat on council and concurrently allow for a by-election.

I apologize for my inability to effect reasoned review, and possible change, to those who supported me. One person alone cannot do much. I urge everyone to become involved in leading our town towards a comprehensive action plan for our future. Come out and make your voices heard at upcoming town hall meetings. En masse, you can make a difference. Remember to vote in the referendum, regardless of your opinion.

Sincerely, and with disappointment,

Al Mertens