Seek out spiritual wellness

What is wellness?

Dear Editor

Wellness Awaits You… Those who are well, know what wellness can be. When we are unwell, we seek wellness, though it can be illusive.

We could say, “Oh ‘well’ … I wish …  or … It could be better … I hope or I believe…

Perhaps we seek wellness because we believe that somehow we can find it…

A Well … a source of … we all need a source.

May I suggest that the wellness we need is as old as mankind – that it has been sought after since the beginning of Time. There are a myriad of ways to seek wellness, with measured success. Philosophers and Theologians have debated and written it down. Who can say that they are truly “well”?

In the Bible, there is a story about a well, a seeker of wellness, and true wellness.

It’s found in John 4 – the story of “living water” and a “well”. (But again, there are skeptics who would say that this doesn’t relate to them.) This story can only be of help to someone if they believe that Jesus is who He says He is. Then they begin on a search for wellness from Him.

An old hymn, which has comforted many over the years – “It is Well with my soul” – focuses on the wellness of our inner being – our spirit – our soul.  Since this is at the core of our lives, we would do ‘well’ to seek this “wellness”. I challenge you to look to The One who is the giver of life and who seeks us, and finds us, in order to give us wellness.

It is “well with my soul” and my source of wellness is from the Lord of Heaven and Earth. He is near to all who call to Him (from Psalm 145:18).

Gail Koop