Slight mix-up at Santa parade

A reader writes to apologize for the confusion and thank all who took part.

Dear Editor,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the Santa Parade participants for doing a dazzling and outstanding job with your floats! The creativity that each of you displayed was amazing! I wish there could be a prize for each of you; you each deserved it.

I took over the parade organizing just a month before it happened, so was a little unprepared this time. I did, however, arrange that the parade would go full circle back to Ashcroft Building Centre so that all of the floats could be parked there and the public could have a good close-up look at all of your beautiful work, while you could all enjoy treats from the Masonic lodge.

Somehow the wires got crossed between the start of the parade and the far end of Railway Avenue, and most of you just dispersed. I apologize to you all if your work seemed to be trivialized, because that should never have happened. If I do take on the same parade next year, hopefully everything will run smoothly, and each participant will receive the accolades that they deserve!

Heather Philpott