Spicey history needs to be told

Writer disagrees with letter that chastised author of Ashcroft's spicy history.

Dear Editor

Each week, I look forward to the latest edition of the Ashcroft Journal.

With great anticipation I search for Esther Darlington MacDonald’s column so that I can be taken back in time to find out more about the informative history of this great area, the Thompson/Cariboo.

Esther’s latest article (Shady Ladies of the Cariboo – The spicier side of our history] did not disappoint me. Having read many historical books and manuscripts of this era, Esther’s writing in her latest article appears to portray the issue about prostitution at that time most accurately.

Now, I take exception to Carmen Ranta’s letter [Prostitution should not be taken lightly]. In her letter, I feel she addresses Esther’s article in the wrong context. The story is one of historical significance and should be viewed with this in mind and furthermore, we should not and cannot, allow ourselves to sweep history, whether it is to our liking or not, under the carpet.

Articles of this nature, should be read and appreciated for what they present. Perhaps, in the future, if articles like this offend some people, maybe they should consider looking to other sources for their reading enjoyment or better yet, if they choose to read such articles, leave the comments to people that have a better understanding of life in those historic times.

Bob Rankin