Stop filming and pitch in

Writer takes issue with motorists who stopped to take pictures of driver trapped in burning vehicle.

Dear Editor

What has society come too?

I was recently involved with a rescue of a man trapped in a burning vehicle. (Driver rescued from burning vehicle: The Journal, March 6, 2014.) Upon arriving on the scene, the first image I remember is a person standing on the shoulder with their tablet filming the three or four people trying to get the trapped driver from a burning wreck.

This wasn’t the only person, as I noticed a few more after the rescue when I returned to my vehicle.

Do you really want to film this? I have had a tough enough time emotionally, and we got him out! I can’t imagine how I would have felt if we’d failed or if we were five minutes later and the victim was trapped in a fully engulfed car.

I don’t want to shame anybody but give your head a shake! Do you really want to film a person as they burn to death?

I must say there were a lot of good people on the scene that day, doing what they could. Tip of the hat to those who helped – you are all great people. Hopefully if you are ever in need, there will be people like you there to help.

Kris Gunderson