Suggestions for Wellness

Doreen Lambert urges residents to be more involved in their community.

Either my hearing is going, or Mayor Anderson’s memory is failing. When the branding survey was presented to the council on June 25 he agreed that a compromise would be a good idea and starting point. He also stated that perhaps more public input was needed.

Imagine my shock at the branding meeting in July when he said there would be no compromise, and they were moving ahead with the wellness brand.

There was a suggestion from a branding committee member that perhaps history, the arts, etc. could be put on the stepping stones. For those of you who do not know what the stepping stones are, they are also known locally as the blobs or multicolored cow patties.

It seemed this member was sincere; unfortunately, she was also overheard to say quietly “Then we can take them off when it calms down.”

I owe an apology to Community Futures and Deb Arnott. When I first started looking into who thought the brand should be changed, I was told by a staff member at the Village Office that Council had nothing to do with it. She thought perhaps Community Futures? Mayor Anderson admitted at the branding meeting that it was Council’s idea to instigate the branding process.

Even though 76% of the 221 people who signed the survey do not agree with the wellness brand, versus the 15% who agree and the 9%  who were undecided, it doesn’t seem to matter to Council. Perhaps they have to be reminded that it is their responsibilty to listen to the public.

What I have learned from this experience is to be more involved in our community, to voice my opinion, and if I don’t like or understand what is happening not to be afraid to ask questions. Above all, not to be apathetic.

There is talk of a community meeting with the Council and branding members, to educate the community on what wellness is, with the time and place to be announced. Please show up at the meeting with any questions or concerns that you have about the brand, and voice them. If you can’t attend the meeting, then you can always phone our Mayor and Councillors. Do not be apathetic!

Doreen Lambert