Suspicious characters in Ashcroft

Resident concerned

Dear Editor

I have decided to share an experience we had in Ashcroft a few years ago. In my opinion, that concerns the safety of children. We had not seen any of our grandchildren for several years and had arranged for one of them (who was 15 years old) to come and visit us from the east coast for one month, during that time we arranged to take her to Las Vegas also. We did not know very many people here at that time and she certainly only knew us and was really looking forward to sharing All of her tie with us. After she arrived her, she took in the sun on our back deck, relaxing and enjoying the great sunshine for the first few days. Later on, I was approached by a (Person), and an offer was made to my grand-daughter that she could go in his house and play the piano or if she didn’t want to do that, she could take it in our house and she could play it there. Then this person left. I was a little startled, but never thought anymore about it. A few days later, I was approached again by the same person and was given another offer. He said, “Tell your granddaughter, if she wants to go, I will take her to the back Country and “show her the scenery”,” then walked away again. I was Totally shocked and told my Wife what he suggested. Needless to say what her response was and we never left her out of our sight after that while she was with us as we got very nervous about this. She eventually went back home and later on I talked to this person and he was very upset and he stated, “You never introduced me to your granddaughter” and walked away. This person was inn his late 50s, and my Granddaughter was 15 years Old. I may be wrong but We think there was something wrong here. I did inform the R.C.M.P. Commander of Ashcroft and told him the events that happened. I asked him if he saw something wrong wit this and he responded that he certainly did see something wrong and that was the end of the conversation. I was not asked to give a statement and I don’t believe this was put on file on that this person was even questioned about his interest in her The following year, my other granddaughters, ages 11 and 13 came here for a visit and we had some events happen concerning the same person. Our Lawyer had been advised of this. We were very nervous and laid very strict rules to them during their stay. Another resident told me about an incident that happened concerning his daughter with the same person and that sort of verified my thoughts and concerns. I wrote this letter to make sure that Parents here watch their kids and don’t let them wonder around here by themselves without supervision. The people that you trust may be the ones that you can’t trust. Be Careful! These events bother me to this day. I can’t stop thinking that if I would have allowed by 15 year old granddaughter to go with this person, what would happened, if anything. I can’t say for sure. To this day, it bothers me greatly, that a person his age would be so attracted to a 15 year old. She was her for our enjoyment and not his! Be Careful People!

Don Burns