Teachers no less important

Writer says pay the teachers a salary that matches their education.

Dear Editor

I am sick and tired of hearing our government complain about our teachers and their demands. The thought that other unions and their contracts need to be in line with the teachers is only fair if the people working in those unions had to pay for a university education in order to qualify for their jobs. Nurses yes, Doctors yes, social workers yes, etc.  Why are the people teaching our children, our future, any less important than our nurses doctors etc?? Why should the premier and her cabinet receive more than 2 time the salary the very first time they step into government, and receive full pension after two terms be able to try to make the teachers look greedy?? Why should the government deny our children being able to return to school when we the taxpayers pay for them to do just that? Give the teachers a fair deal, with a salary that matches their education and lets get on with it.

W. Bruce