Team worked hard to fundraise

RE: Something to show for that donation/Villages help team go to the provincials

Dear Editor

Selling chocolates and cookies is not the only way to fundraise. The Senior Girls Basketball Team has held numerous bake sales, ran concessions, sold raffle tickets, and a couple of girls have shovelled snow to earn money. Over the course of our season we have fundraised thousands of dollars.

Once we had locked down our birth to provincials we had nine days until we left. There was very little time to approach the community or do any additional fundraising. We were overwhelmed by the response we received from everyone!

The girls involved with this team are honour students, hold down part time jobs, and are outstanding members of our community. On top of that they are in the gym for countless hours. When we talk about give and take these girls give an incredible amount, just ask the hundreds of fans who packed our gym to cheer them on.

It would have been more encouraging to focus on the positive aspect that both Villages were able to support us. Coming from a large city and relocating to Ashcroft, the support from the community is one of the many reasons why living here is so special.

Patty Kinvig

Senior Girls Basketball Coach