The charms of a small town

A writer reminds us of the benefits of living in a small town.

Dear Editor,

We often complain about living in small towns: that there are no good restaurants, no good places to shop, product is more expensive, etc.

The one thing we sometimes take for granted in a small town is the wonderful service that small town shops, restaurants, gas stations, and grocery stores offer. And really, this is what makes these small businesses priceless.

I was sitting in my office in 100 Mile House on Friday morning feeling sorry for the fact that my son was turning 30 that day and that he was working and we would not be seeing him on his birthday.

I had an idea, and telephoned the Ashcroft Bakery and talked to the owner about a birthday cake. She was so helpful and friendly: offering to make a cake that afternoon, and better than that offering to deliver it to my son at his workplace for him and his co-workers to enjoy.

I was delighted! As I got off the phone I said to my co-workers “Now that is service you would never get from Walmart!”

I think it is important that we should all remember when looking for the “best deals” that sometimes, the best deals may not be monetary.

Debbie Theoret

100 Mile House