How much of the snow would you clear off this car before you got in and drove away? Take a quiz to find out what kind of winter driver you are!

How much of the snow would you clear off this car before you got in and drove away? Take a quiz to find out what kind of winter driver you are!

The Editor’s Desk: Winter driving wonderland

How good and responsible a winter driver are you? Take this quiz and find out!

Winter driving season is upon us, with snow levels creeping ever lower and the temperature dipping below freezing. How well-prepared are you for the highways and byways? Take this fun quiz and find out!

My winter tires: a) Have been on, and properly inflated, since October 1. b) Are still in my garage, but I’ve booked an appointment to get them on. c) Aren’t all-season tires good enough?

My car emergency kit contains: a) Candles, matches, a blanket, jumper cables, a small shovel, a bag of kitty litter, bottles of water, and a wind-up flashlight. b) A beach towel left behind from our last summer camping trip, a small plastic shovel (ditto), half-a-bottle of water, and a battery-operated flashlight that might or might not still work. c) A box of tissues and half-a-bottle of flat Pepsi.

I’m prepared for dealing with snow and ice on my vehicle with: a) A bottle of spray de-icer fluid and a long-handled brush and scraper. b) A small scraper with several chips in it. c) My library card.

When I clean my vehicle of ice and snow I: a) Make sure to clean my windows and headlights, as well as brush accumulated snow from the hood, roof, and trunk so that it does not create a hazard for myself or other drivers. b) Make sure to clean my windows. c) Make sure to clean a space on the driver’s side of the windshield just big enough for me to see out of until the defroster kicks in.

When it comes to windshield wiper fluid, I: a) Make sure I keep it topped up at all times with fluid good for sub-zero temperatures, and carry a spare jug in the trunk. b) Try to remember to keep it topped up, and have a half-filled jug in my garage. c) Top it up with water and hope there’s still enough of last year’s fluid in there to not let it freeze.

Before heading out on anything more than a local trip I: a) Check the DriveBC website to check on conditions. b) Look out the window to check on conditions. c) Depend on the weather forecast for the entire Thompson-Okanagan region I saw on TV last night.

When the temperature drops, I: a) Let my car warm up for a minute only; that’s all that modern vehicles need, and I can bundle up for the first part of my trip; b) Let my car warm up for a few minutes; no point being uncomfortable; c) Let my car warm up until the interior is hot enough to roast a turkey.

If driving conditions are bad I: a) Postpone any trip that isn’t a necessity until the weather improves. b) Might still chance it, but on the other hand: snow day! c) Will go out regardless: nothing stands between me and Wing Wednesday at Pizza Hut.

While out on the road in winter I: a) Drive to conditions. b) Keep to the posted speed limit. c) Look at speed limit signs as suggestions only.

I keep my vehicle’s front and rear lights on: a) At all times while driving, to increase my visibility in gloomy winter weather, even during the day; b) When it starts to get dark; c) When I remember, which is usually when on oncoming driver flashes me to show my lights aren’t on.

When it comes to winter driving techniques I have: a) Taken a winter driving course from a trained professional. b) Read about winter driving tips online. c) Hey, you don’t drive around here in winter for years without learning a few techniques of your own!

I look after my vehicle’s paintwork in winter by: a) Washing it regularly to remove built up dirt and chemicals. b) Washing it whenever the lineup at the car wash isn’t too long and I have some change. c) Figuring that the melting snow will keep it clean.

Results: If you answered mostly a, congratulations! You are an exemplary winter driver. If you answered mostly b, you’re on the right track but there’s room for improvement. If you answered mostly c, please let the rest of us know when you’ll be on the roads this winter, so we can be off them.

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