Thrift stores feeling the PST pinch with new rules

A reader writes to protest the provincial government collecting sales tax on items sold in thrift and secondhand stores.

Dear Editor,

The Liberal government posted a policy in 2014 ( [pertaining to how the provincial sales tax (PST) applies to thrift stores, service clubs, charitable organizations, and societies].

They have recently started to collect sales tax, and our thrift store has had to go back and make an estimate on what we had sold.

These are hard-working volunteers who have donated thousands of dollars to hospitals and communities. The items have been donated and taxes have been paid. Now the tax isn’t on everything, so they have to have a list of what’s what!

We had to re-program the tills and train people. It’s not just thrift stores: it’s indoor markets and craft fairs. Read the policy: it’s good for a laugh! It goes as far as what kind of book is taxable, and what size of tires on a bike are taxable.

Steal from the poor, give to the rich.

Barb Gyoba