Truck safety in Ashcroft needs to be addressed

Writer says close encounters with trucks in town make safety planning necessary as truck traffic is expected to grow.

Dear Editor,

Having had close head-on encounters with two Tri-Mac trucks in recent weeks, I would suggest that the Village of Ashcroft needs to look closely at how these trucks are turning from 97C into Evans “the Slough” Road. On the two occasions in question, trucks have been on the wrong side of the road, with no flashers or any other indication, from Superior Propane and across the CP crossing, necessitating my pulling over onto the gravel verge in the vicinity of the car wash to allow passage.

My fear is that at some time, in the not too distant future, an older driver, less aware and responsive, will be involved in a head-on fatality. Vigilance is needed . . . and soon. Improved industry in Ashcroft is all well and good (and desirable), but improvement has to go hand-in-hand with safety.

Christopher Roden