We all must choose where to Draw the Line

Author suggests that we all "Draw the Line" on bullying - wherever it is found.

Dear Editor

This is about the column you wrote entitled Draw the Line on Jan. 13, 2004 where you quoted Eleanor Roosevelt’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights. You yourself wrote, “How many times have we witnessed one person treating another in a demeaning fashion and turned a blind eye? A silent invitation for the bully to continue while also sending a message to the victim that they’re on their own. It’s everywhere …. just waiting for us to say the word, ‘Stop’.”

So I am reminding your readers that bullying must stop wherever it is found – at fruit and vegetable stands, in stores, on playgrounds, on streets, in neighbourhoods and in families. There is no justification for sneers, put-downs, slapping, etc. anywhere.

It is disheartening and disturbing to see some men and women bully older people and take such pleasure in it. They forget they’ll be old one day.

I know the majority of people are decent but there are always a few bad “apples” who choose to manipulate innocent situations to put themselves in a righteous position to avoid responsibility for their actions.

We have to start somewhere to draw the line. Aren’t we all in this together?

Pat Winslow