Wellness brand not attracting visitors

Letter writer feels that people just don't get it.

Dear Editor

This is in response to the letter written by Andrea Walker, March 6.

Sadly, the wellness brand seems to have divided our community, either you like it or you don’t. I don’t think it’s because we are “afraid of change” as was suggested at one of the wellness meetings I attended. Perhaps, as was also suggested, some of us haven’t had the “aha” moment. We just don’t get it.

To me a brand should not have to be explained and unfortunately wellness has to be explained. When I am working in Cache Creek I often get asked by tourists, who have all ready driven past the sign and have not taken the turnoff to Ashcroft, what wellness is and I don’t know how to explain as I have not had the “aha” moment. Some of the words I have heard from people are, “fluffy, non-descriptive, don’t understand, not worth driving back for, and wishy washy”. I can sometimes get them to backtrack by mentioning our historic sites in town but usually they just keep going which is very unfortunate.

I and many others believe that what will put Ashcroft back on the map will be the arts and history. When the Opera House is up and running again the tourists will be back, and with the help of the community this will happen.

Doreen Lambert