Wellness icon could be better

Writer feels Wellness logo should include a more recognizable symbol of wellness.

Dear Editor

If we are going to have a symbol that represents wellness it should be something that people can identify and relate to as such. Amorphous shapeless blobs don’t really speak to anybody. Perhaps a lotus flower or aloe plant something that people can equate with the concept of wellness. A suggestion might be to ask the local massage therapists and aroma therapists what kind of emblem might be suitable.

And if we’re going to call Ashcroft a wellness center then a person coming to town would like to be apprised of where these places might be that can bring them wellness. Especially as they have gone out of there way off the highway to visit this wellness center. Perhaps a brochure listing the local exercise groups, yoga classes, tai chi, karate, hiking trails and therapists in the area would at least be a start.

Although mineral spas are most blatantly lacking in the vicinity which people might expect to be here with such an advertisement of wellness. Like Harrison Hot Springs or Baden Baden. At least I don’t think there are any mineral hot springs around here.

And then there is the issue of food. An organic restaurant maybe? Green smoothies from local organically grown produce? These would certainly contribute to wellness in the area.

And maybe we should enact a by-law prohibiting the use of poisons on the land such as roundup. They have passed such legislation in other communities. How can you advertise a wellness center and stil be poisoning the ground, water and air that you breathe?

karla cummins