When the good ones retire

Some politicians you just can’t wait to see leave; while others you hope that time never comes.For me, our MP is one of those keepers, and I’m about as far away from a federal Conservative as you can expect in Canada.But Chuck – and he would correct me or any one of us if we called him “Mr. Strahl” – is one of the warmest and most sincere people I’ve even met in politics or anywhere else over the past 30-odd years.I don’t often agree with what his party is doing, but whenever I make a point of telling him so, he has always responded by addressing my concerns with courtesy and in a way that makes you think he really did take the time to read what you had to say and thought about his answer before making it.Chuck became our MP in 2004 when the ridings were redrawn and Philip Mayfield, our Cariboo Chilcotin MP retired. Since then, he and his wife Deb have become familiar faces in our town.On their most recent visit, Minister Strahl announced $5 million in federal funding for the Ashcroft Terminal – something that he will be always be part of his legacy to our towns.Even though he had a huge riding to cover, he did all right by our towns. We can only wish him and Deb a long, happy, healthy and relaxing retirement.

Wendy Coomber is editor of the Ashcroft-Cache Creek Journal