Why did 108 Lake disappear?

Human-made causes

Dear Editor

The 108 Lake was at its lowest level on Nov. 4, 2010. The level was down 103 inches from its previous level and registered .187 o the gauge.

Obvious causes of the low level are:

– No water entering the Lake from the upper watershed lakes due to man made obstructions, authorized by M.O.E. water licenses that do not comply to water license rules;

– Restricted runoff due to the 30 metre green belt;

– Below average snowfall during the winter of 2009;

– Net evaporation of 11 inches per year;

– Removal of water by golf course authorized by an incomplete water license; and

– Leakage into the two acquifers.

Corrections to the above causes are:

– Removal of obstructions from Tubs Lake to 108 Lake;

– Removal of all trees on lakeside of greenbelt trail; and

– Removal of the golf course and pumphouse.

If you care about the 108 Lake, contact your local provincial MLA and ask these three questions:

1) Why has Fish and Wildlife issued a water license on Crown Lake for the courtesy of Ducks Unlimited?

2) Why were four water licenses issued to Ducks Unlimited to obstruct Sucker Lake considering that D.U. does not own the land?

3) Why has the gold course water license never, since 1969, had the minimum diversion level set when the water license (clause 5) states that it was to be set in writing?

These concerns expressed by you will be appreciated by our newest visitors, the great American white pelican, an endangered species.

James E. Gellein

108 Mile Ranch