Worries behind us, looking ahead now

No matter what you thought of 2013, it's gone. Get ready for a good 2014.

It’s done. Finished.

Every complaint we made last year, forgotten. Every good time tenderly packed away in our memories.

As I was looking over my list of contributors last week, I was thinking how small it’s become. Just like enrolment in our schools. Just like the number of businesses that hold on….

Last year I wrote that the local economies were not doing well. This year, looking back, I could say the same, except that there is hope. Ashcroft Terminal and Constantia Mines in the Ashcroft and Cache Creek area provide a bit of light where last year there was less. They aren’t going to bring dozens of jobs to our towns overnight, but every job counts these days.

The Journal enters its 121st year of business in Ashcroft. We’ve seen better times, and hope to do so again.

We do it with your help: without all of the club submissions and pictures, we’d be hard pressed to cover everything.

If you’ve ever wondered how to submit a story or photograph to The Journal, just send it to me. Or you can contact me first. I’m usually happy to receive submissions about community events.

To those of you have submitted anything to me for print this year, you all have my thanks and undying gratitude. My regular, unpaid contributors like Loon Lake columnist Barbara Hendricks and Spences Bridge columnist Mavourneen Varcoe-Ryan,  entertainment columnist Nadine Davenport and fitness columnists Vicky Trill and Wayne Little are my pillars. I may send out huffy reminders to them once in a while, but I appreciate their efforts, and I know our readers do as well.

Andrea Walker, Vivian Edwards, Reta Robertson, Phyllis Gray and Jessica Clement keep us updated on various local clubs and their activities; Maria Russell Martin keeps the tennis news coming and Deanna Horsting and Diana Hoggard sends us minor hockey news whenever we ask.

Muriel Scallon and Pat Kirby make sure that the Ashcroft seniors are well covered, and Zee Chevalier provides the Clinton Seniors news.

Much of the school coverage comes from the schools themselves, but thank you nonetheless for keeping us posted.

Thanks to the Ashcroft RCMP for taking the time to recap the week’s files for us, and to Brian Henderson at the Ashcroft Fire Dept. for all of his help.

Also, thanks to staff at the Village Offices for all of the help whenever I ask for it.

There are so many more who I could list, but there’s only room for one more – you, our reader. We appreciate you more than you could imagine. Our best wishes to you for a happy 2014!

Wendy Coomber is editor of the Ashcroft-Cache Creek Journal