The Cache Creek Farmers' and Flea Market returns for the season on Saturday

The Cache Creek Farmers' and Flea Market returns for the season on Saturday

Cache Creek Beautification Society is more than just Communities in Bloom

The society operates the Cache Creek Farmers' and Flea Market, as well as Winter Lights, volunteer appreciation events, and more.

When most people think of the work of the Cache Creek Beautification Society (CCBS), they probably think of Communities in Bloom (CiB); but CCBS president Carmen Ranta is quick to point out that the organization is much more than that.

“Communities in Bloom is only a small part of what we do,” she notes. “There’s the Cache Creek market, the Winter Lights awards and celebration, and volunteer appreciation activities of different kinds. We’ve purchased Christmas decorations for the community hall, which we put up and take down each year. That’s a big project.

“And this year we will be having red-and-white garden awards,” she adds, saying that Cache Creek residents and businesses are being encouraged to plant their gardens and planters with red and white flowers. “It’s about showing Canada’s colours this year. There will be multiple awards.”

The Cache Creek Farmers and Flea Market starts again on Saturday, May 6, following some indoor markets at the Cache Creek Community Hall over the fall and winter. This year the market will pay a much reduced fee for insurance, thanks to the work of Cache Creek council. “It’s a really big help for us, and will save us around $1,000 a year,” says Ranta.

“We have more and more vendors each year. New things do take a little bit of patience, but we’re getting more established. The market has taken on a life of its own.”

She adds that the CCBS is grateful to the Village of Cache Creek, which has been very supportive of the organization. “We receive a grant from them so we can do our work, which shows that council sees a benefit in the activities of the society.”

Ranta says she hopes that the CCBS can work with council on recycling. “We’re encouraging the Village of Cache Creek to communicate a recycling strategy, expand the program, and make recycling easier. It’s our desire to have a healthy community, and recycling is part of that.”

The group also wants to talk about establishing a community garden in Cache Creek, and is looking for people who would like to be involved in working on the project. “Over the years people have said that a community garden would be a good thing, and we’re moving forward with that now.”

The group has identified a potential site for the garden beside the highway in downtown Cache Creek. “We believe it would be a good location. It shows commitment to the environment, and would be conveniently located for people interested in it.

“I’m pretty excited about it. People with their own gardens might want to rub shoulders with other gardeners. I think it will take on a life of its own.”

The CCBS has talked to the village about the possibility of planting a tree in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the incorporation of the Village of Cache Creek. They are also increasing their connection with the students at Cache Creek Elementary.

“We’ve had involvement with different projects, such as gardens and litter pick-up,” says Ranta. “We’re encouraging students to learn more about recycling and the environment.”

A garden party on April 2 was held to see if people were interested in becoming part of the CiB sub-committee. The village, which was a provincial CiB winner last year, is entering the provincial competition again in 2017, with judges arriving in mid-July. “Communities in Bloom is a very fun project to be involved with,” says Ranta. “We had a few people come out. It’s a very exciting project for the village to be a part of, and we’re looking for more people to be involved.”

Anyone interested in being part of the Cache Creek Beautification Society is encouraged to come to the monthly meeting, which take place on the first Thursday of each month at the Cache Creek Village Office. If people would like more information about the community garden or any other CCBS project, they can call Carmen Ranta at (250) 457-1250.