The Sage Sound Singers in action at a 2015 concert.

The Sage Sound Singers in action at a 2015 concert.

Evening will feature best of the Sage Sound Singers

Members of the choir, now in its fifth year, have chosen their favourite pieces from their repertoire for their 2015 spring concert.

In the five years since it was formed, the Sage Sound Singers choir has performed 65 songs. This year’s spring concert, coming up on Saturday, April 30, showcases “The Best of the Sage Sound Singers”, with the choir members having chosen their favourites from the repertoire the choir has amassed.

The 17 members of the choir each listed their 10 favourite songs in descending order, with number one getting 10 points, number two getting nine points, and so on. Musical Director Michelle Reid says that several pieces obtained a lot of votes, but “Bridge Over Troubled Water” was the “overwhelming” favourite. “The arrangement is so beautiful.” Other songs being performed at the concert include “The Sound of Silence”, “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”, “Scarborough Fair”. and “Blue Moon”.

There are 12 members of the choir who have been there since the beginning, says Reid, who started the Sage Sound Singers partly because of her love of music and partly because she thought the community needed it. “I knew there were singers in the community, and I wanted people who love to sing. It’s all about enjoying singing in a group and growing as a musical group.”

She notes that the choir has been very fortunate to have pianist Dimiter Terziev as an accompanist, and praises his talent and dedication, as well as his commitment week after week. “Even after hitting a deer on one of his weekly trips here from Kamloops, he made it to that night’s rehearsal.”

The choir is also fortunate to have Carmen Ranta as Conductor, adds Reid. “She’s given the choir a sense of professionalism and purpose. Her friendship and invaluable advice have enriched my choir experience.”

She says that the three of them work well together, and likens the process of getting the choir ready for a concert to making a cake. “I choose the recipe and make sure we have the right ingredients. Then we bake it for three months, and Carmen decides if it’s just right.”

When the spring concert is over the choir will have a bit of a break. Rehearsals for the Christmas concert don’t start until the fall, but Reid is already looking to next spring, when the Sage Sound Singers plan to do an ambitious concert of well-known Broadway show tunes. “It’s definitely happening,” says Reid.

“The Best of the Sage Sound Singers” is on April 30 at 7:00pm at the Crossroads Pentecostal Church on Stage Road in Cache Creek. Admission and refreshments are by donation.