Raymond Dick and Jaimie Mayden

Raymond Dick and Jaimie Mayden

Tennis champs, Dick and Mayden

Winners of the second annual Fall Tennis Tournament in Ashcroft

All efforts to to humble Raymond Dick and Jamie Mayden at the second annual Fall Tennis Tournament were futile as they emerged as the overall champs.

Tiger Wang and Bernadette Rymers fought a noble battle with last minute spare Janice Rittinger filling in for Bernadette. Janice had been nursing a a cut from a nasty fall. She brought heart and pain to assist Tiger and Bernadette’s team to place second.

A major upset occurred when Cam Rittinger and limping Andy Kormendy defeated Arno Hellner and Colin Franes for third place. We believed we saw tears from Colin and Arno but they insisted it was perspiration.

Awards were presented at the River Inn. Bernadette Rymers received the Brad Wall Twisted/Broken Racket Sportsmanship Award.

Last minute cancellations resulted in a reassignment of teams. Randy Qualle from Calgary who was visiting the Rittingers, very tall Dan Sigurdson, who was visiting Brent Close, and Brent all enthusiatically spared when needed.

Jackson Cave, one of our Junior players, deserves honourable mention  for keeping up with the adult players. It was a hot Ashcroft day but nibbling on carrots and tomatoes supplied by John Farmer, crunching on apples purchased from Desert Hills, drinking iced water from Fields and eating pizza  purchased from Central Cafe helped to keep everyone comfortable.

A special thanks to Alan Groome for setting up the scehdule and to all who contributed to organizing the tournament.

Maria Russell Martin