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The Editor’s Desk: Library to the rescue

Do you still think libraries are all about books, and nothing else? Think again


Voting sign in Ashcroft, May 2017. Photo credit: Barbara Roden

The Editor’s Desk: Election excitemezzzzzz

The provincial election campaign has been something of a snooze until now


The Editor’s Desk: Charging ahead safely

As we discuss many things about Ev charging stations, safety has to be part of the mix


The Editor’s Desk: Shaken, not stirred

Are you excited by the forthcoming B.C. election? If so, you might be the only one

The Editor’s Desk: When you hate being right

Emails told me there was a snap election coming, but not the way you think

The Editor’s Desk: Stop and smell the pines

In the headlong rush from Point A to Point B, it’s important to make time to explore the unexpected

The Editor’s Desk: We need more Bob Ross

In a chaotic world, a place where there are no mistakes, just happy accidents, is a relief

The Editor’s Desk: Welcome to Groundhog Month

Is it just me, or has 2020 already seemed to have lasted for at least two years?

The Editor’s Desk: The magic of movies

Craving that ‘going to the movies’ experience? Then FilmFlam™ is the streaming service for you!

The Editor’s Desk: The good old hockey game

Nothing says ‘NHL hockey’ like 100 F. temperatures and the August long weekend

The Editor’s Desk: Customers behaving badly

Annoyed that a business is asking you to sanitize your hands? Don’t take it out on the employees

The Editor’s Desk: Coping with COVID quiz

How well are you dealing with the pandemic? Take this quiz and find out!

The Editor’s Desk: Don’t be a PRAT

Public performances against face masks don’t make for good theatre

The Editor’s Desk: Entering the Twilight Zone

Ashcroft gets a chance to shine on the small screen: is the result a dream or a nightmare?

Resumption of travel around province brings hopes and fears

Phase 3 brings summer tourists, and some worry

  • Jul 1, 2020

The Editor’s Desk: Coronavirus classic cinema

Some familiar films would look a lot different if they’d been made during a time of COVID-19

The Editor’s Desk: COVID cops on the job

In the rush to judgement, facts often take a back seat

The Editor’s Desk: No one is an island

If the pandemic has shown us nothing else, it’s that human beings are social creatures

The Editor’s Desk: Photo gallery paints a pretty picture

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what are 18 years of photos worth?

The Editor’s Desk: In search of lost time

A tiny tomato provides a small moment of joy as it evokes happy memories