Cakewalk Chronicles


Seldom do we see history being played out with the drama of the Egyptian people’s massive protest in the past few weeks.

Despotism, nepotism, poverty and police brutality, widespread unemployment and a host of social ills had, at last, reached the peak of endurance. The power of the people proved too much for the ruler. With mounting tensions, and the stubborn determination of his people demanding to see him go, he at last, with great reluctance, stepped down.

The history of the Middle East has been marked for many centuries as countries deprived of the kind of democracies we all take for granted.

And here we are, in little newly old Ashcroft (compared to those ancient civilizations) watching one of the most historic events play out in another part of the world, wondering what will emerge, in the end? All we can do is hope for the people, and marvel at the courage displayed by so many of them in the face of tanks, squadrons of thugs, and horse-riding whip-lashing antagonists. I for one, was glad to be alive to witness the event. Safe, in the confines of my cozy little nest in Cache Creek, albeit.


Who does not enjoy receiving a valentine? Especially from loved ones. I received the first valentine ever from hubby Sherman. And he made it himself! Well, as I live and breathe! Remember those valentine parties in primary school? When everyone put a valentine in a box, and then the valentines were distributed around the room. I’ve long forgotten the details, but I’ll never forget the fun of it. The Oooooh! Him…. (the homliest guy in the class), or Ugh! Her! (the plainest Jane in the class). And the fun of making them. Doilies and red hearts cut out… Ahh!

Election AKA’s

The media is having great fun with the Liberal membership drive that included, supposedly, 20 members of the Kamloops Blazer’s Hockey team, and, of all creatures, a single cat named Olympia, or something. The Blazer’s were mystified. And, undoubtedly, so was the cat. MEOW!

Jokes about Elders, that’s Seniors

I don’t know about you out there, but pictures of widely grinning, toothless old men will not sell a product to me, no matter how useful. An ad in the Kamloops newspaper was so disgusting to me, that I could not spare it a glance. An over-reaction, some might say. “Can’t you take a little teasing fun?” others might ask. My reply is, Well, no. I can’t.

Some cultures, like our native, refer to older persons as Elders. They are respected. They are useful conveyors of the culture to the younger generations. They teach the native languages. They are useful.

The term, “old age pensioners” is another one of my peccedillos. Yes, the dictionary defines the word as a “trifling offense” and that is probably what it is. By aren’t we so much more than that old sock of a phrase? Jokes about getting old for me, anyway, are tiresome. Delete. Delete. Delete.

If “Age is just a number”, why do we make so much of it then?

I am sure great scientists, artists, writers, educators, who went on to contribute so much to their societies and their countries, were not referred to as “old age pensioners”. So why is that old sock with a hole in the toe still used?

Hats and earrings

I confess I love them. I wear an assortment of hats. I am, some might say, addicted to hats. When I am in The Bay in Kamloops and we are passing the hat displays, I have to stop and try a few of them on. Sherman stands and waits patiently, with a smile on his face. There are hats to wear on stormy days. On sunny days. On rainy days. And there are hats to wear, just for fun. Like the Red Hatted ladies in the area. And earrings! O, how I love to see them on others. Women who can wear those big droopy brassy things that hang almost to their shoulders. Earrings that I can never wear. Why? Well, the reasons are too personal to mention in this column.

A woman named Clara Zetkin

We owe a lot, we women, to a German born woman named Clara Zetkin. She was ahead of her time by almost half a century. Promoting the recognition of women as the equal of men. Encouraging countries to allow them to vote. Yes, Clara was a socialist. She was born in 1857 at a time when women had no rights at all. They could not own property, and they could not vote, and anything they did inherit was owned by their husbands when they married. It was a time when women could not attend universities. Could not receive a higher education. Some, like the Bronte sisters, had enlightened fathers who educated their daughters in the “higher” learning areas, like the sciences and literature. But those kind of parents were very few. I once knew a woman doctor named Dr. Clare Onhauser, who had to battle to get into the medical school in Manitoba in the early 1920s. I worked in the Faculty of Medicine back 40 plus years ago, when the number of females allowed to enter medical school was limited to 20, out of a class of 60. Well, Clara Zetkin was one of the visionaries with a sense of justice for women well ahead of her time.

On Saturday, March 5 in the hamlet of Walhachin, Creative Women, an International Womens’ Day celebration, will make note of Clara Zetkin, who founded the movement to promote one day in March to celebrate women all over the world. Join us. You’ll have fun, enlightenment, and will appreciate the many skills and talents of the women in this region.

Cinderella Cinderella

Rehearsals are well underway for this production, sponsored by Winding Rivers Arts and Performing Society. Watch for its scheduled performances in The Journal and elsewhere in our towns. We are told that the young people in the production are busy learning their lines. Costumes are being put together. Stage lighting, and all the other needs to be met to make the production a success are well underway. Aren’t we fortunate to have such a tremendous interest in the arts in our community? And, the volunteers that put so much effort into encouraging the creative life of the area?

Another recipe

Here’s one I found recently. It’s so simple. And so few calories. Calls for oranges – Clementines, or any kind, and a syrup made up of water and honey, with some cinnamon sticks thrown in. Simmer for about 15 minutes, and Voila! The amount depends on how many servings you are planning. A couple of cinnamon sticks and a tablespoon of honey, and a couple of cups of water is what I use. Pour syrup over the oranges.


Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Nah. In Ashcroft, breakfast at Taylor’s is the place to go. The little cafe is full to bursting some days. The pre tax-inflated price of the meal helps to make Taylor’s the current “in” place to go. And the breakie is cooked right there, the way you like it, just like at home.