Comings and Goings On in Spences Bridge

Comings and Goings On in Spences Bridge

After a winter hiatus, Spences Bridge wakes up to welcome spring

By Joris Ekering

Spences Bridge could be called a quiet backwater if the Thompson River was smaller. Of course, there are trains, but locals are used to them. At times the horns disturb, at times trains idle in the wrong place, but generally Spences Bridge is quiet.

Never so quiet as a few weeks ago, when Highway 1 was closed, both railways had washouts, and Highway 5 was closed. Only the river could be heard. The place turned into a ghost town: no trains, no traffic. You had to be here to get this weird experience, but of course you could not get here, or get there from here.

It did not last very long. Shortly thereafter the Packing House woke up from its annual hybernation. While we are on the subject of wildlife, we have been treated to wonderful displays of eagles bent on finding nesting places. The magpies are too, but they are not as majestic. Bighorn sheep have roamed the streets and yards in numbers, with 20 or more calmly crossing the highway. They clearly know that this is their territory, regardless of the people and their business.

While winter had the Bridge in its grasp, not much happened in the first month after our successful New Year’s Dance. February has been full of anticipation for the spring, when we get busy with a town clean-up and a work bee to spruce up the “island” campground. Maddens Island is not truly an island, but an oasis on the river formed by a landslide many eons ago. Volunteers keep this place up to par, and a warm thank you goes out to them.

The Packing House had a Valentine’s Day special, with entertainment by Flat Busted. We keep wondering whether this is a physical or economic term.

The Community Club will set dates for clean-ups and such in its meeting on March 11. Please attend, as some items from the February meeting were tabled until March.

The TNRD came to town for an information meeting about the upcoming water meters. It was quite informative, but many were disappointed that there was no information about rates. However, it was stressed that for most people there would be no change. Benefits were stated as the opportunity to monitor your use and the ability to find leaks.

The Log Cabin Pub is also looking forward to some good stuff. Laurie and John are planning a “green” event; that is, for St. Patrick’s Day on March 14, with music by the ever-popular Coquihalla Coyotes. Please also note the Friday night “Pool 4 points”.

Out on Highway 8 the Secret Garden farm management will be shifted from Steve to his farming sidekick Ryan! Congratulations for both, eh?

For information about what’s going on in the Bridge, check out the Spences Bridge Community Club Facebook page.

Sad to hear about the passing of Rena. She will be missed by her Cook’s Ferry community.

We heard from a reliable source that the Ashcroft/Cache Creek Rotary Club has made selections for their annual Citizen of the Year celebration, and that one of the selections this year is our Carol Madden! Congratulations! So what about that quiet backwater?

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