Communities in Bloom partners with Ashcroft Early Learning

Kids, rocks and paint equal a bright and happy-looking rock garden.

Ashcroft Communities in Bloom with Ashcroft Early Learners.

Ashcroft Communities in Bloom with Ashcroft Early Learners.

Colorful painted rocks now adorn the outside of the Tourist Information building across the street from Safety Mart. The partnership between Ashcroft Communities in Bloom and the Ashcroft Early Learning group began last year and was such a success that it was carried on again this year.  Communities in Bloom provides the paint and the little artists at the Ashcroft Early Learning paint rocks in any design and colours they wish.

The children love this project and are so excited when the day comes for them to gather to place their rocks and get their photographs taken. Their rocks brighten up the entrance to the Post Office (added last year) and this year they were placed in front of the tourist info booth. What a great way to welcome visitors to our community. Thank you Tanya and Carolyn and all your early learners for a job well done!!