Dear Santa: I want some Cadillac shoes and an iPhone

Santa Letters from Mrs. Sayenchuk's Grade 4/5 Class, Lytton Elementary School.

Dear Santa

I want a new game for my 3ds and assassins creed 3 and a new fox hat and some candy canes and some iTunes for my iPod and a sled and how old are you and black ops the new one and the new halo game. Alex


Dear Santa

I want a little lamp because sometimes it is dark in my room and I donte want to turn on the light because my sister is waching a movie an she dosent want to be botherd.

Do you drink coffy?

Dear Santa. I want an ipod touch I think I deserve this because I’ve wanted a ipod touch for a long time an I’d tride to save up but it was hard.

Dear Santa why dose it have to snow in Christmas? Trinity


Dear Santa Clause

How are you? Is it really hard getting ready for Christmas? How are your Reindeer and Elves? Are you ready to eat lots of cookies and drinking milk and eggnog? What are your favorite kinds of cookies? I really want a tablet for Christmas! I sometimes get bored and there is nothing for me to do. So I think a tablet would do a pretty good job of keeping me company. I think I deserve it because I do really good in school and I try my best to get the best grade I can on my report card. I also would not mind some wii games and d.s. Games. I would like it because we have some at home and I would like to try different types of games. I think I deserve some because I have been very nice. I would also like some coloured jeans. This year I’ve worked on being good by doing my school work with lots of detail. Unsigned


Dear Santa

I want a 3dsxl with Super Mario bros.2, Mario 3d land, Paper Mario sticker star, Mario kart 7, Sky Landers Giants and all of the set up and the Sky Landers giants is all for the wii, a Ipod touch and a Wii U with new super Mario bros. With the controller, x box36, ps3 and a laptop. I want all of that because I do my chores like put the dishes away, sweep under the table and I do my work at school everyday. Brandon


Dear Santa

I would like a ipad and ipod touch, Hello kitty dream diary, a 40 inch tv, a laptop, and Just Dance 4. A reason why I deserve these things is because I have been doing dishes, swept floor twice a day, do laundry, fix my sister’s bed, fix mom and dad’s bed and a whole bunch of other chores. I only get free time for 4 or 5 hours on mom’s laptop or spend time with cousins or read or even watch living room tv. I’m wondering how your elves, reindeer and Mrs. Clause are feeling? Riannon


Dear Santa Clause

I want a ipod shuffle because I’ve bin trying to do all my work I need to finish. I want a soccer ball because I’ve been helping my mom with my uncle and grandma. I want a new sketch book for at home because I help take out the garbage. Brooke-Lynne


Mr and Ms Clause

I only have a short Christmas wish list because I love family. For Christmas I want a Nintendo 3ds xl, a ipad 2, halo set, a minecraft on ps3, lego hero factory, ninjago sets and new super Mario bros 2. Santa I always wonderd how cold it is at the northpole? Do you have elves at the north pole? I think i deseve those things because I care for others and i give food to people who’s hungry on the bus. I wish you a merry Christmas Santa ad a happy new year. 😀 Unsigned


Dear Santa

I would like a skateboard for Christmas because: I help out around my house a lot. My mom says I’m a good girl and she doesn’t want me to change the way I am which is a tomboy. I am 9 years old and in grade 4. Since I am a tomboy, please no girly girl skateboards. My favourite colour is blue. I love it. I hope you have a good day ad I hope you get this in time. Unsigned


Dear Santa & Rain Deer

I want some Cadillac shoes and an I phone 5S. I think I deserve these things because I helped my Uncle Vernon help his sister in Langley move to Vancouver. Dustin


Dear Santa

I would like a DSI and a tablet for Christmas. I think I deserve it, because I have been a very good boy this year. I always listen to my Granny and do what I’m told. I would like these presents because I think they are a lot of fun and I would only play with them when my Granny said that I could. I have worked hard to be good this year by doing all my chores, listening to my teacher, and doing all my work. I am 9 now and very responsible so I would take very good care of my DSI or my tablet.

How is Rudolph and the other reindeer? How is Mrs. Clauses? Hope you have a good night on Christmas Eve. Talk to you next year! Jacob


Dear Santa

I would really like an Ipod for Christmas. I think I deserve this because: I listen to my mom all the time. I am a good big brother and I help out around the house. At school I always finish my math sheets, I listen to Mrs. Syenchuk all the time and I always listen to the rules on the playground.

I think this year I have bee a very good boy; I am very responsible at home and at school so I will be very careful with my Ipod. Dominic


Dear Santa and Mrs. Claus

I want a 3ds and halo 4 and black ops 2. I think I deserve these things because I cleaned my room 3 times in 1 week and I cleaned the whole house. What are your favourite cookies? James


Dear Santa

This year I would like a Wii U and 5 games. The games I would like are New Super Mario Bros U, Nintendo Land, New Super Mario Bros 2 for the 3DS, Paper Mario Sticker Star, and Plants vs. Zombies for the Xbox360. I think I deserve these things because I’ve been helping a lot at home. I’ve been loading the wood for the house on the wood cart and doing the dishes. I also want a beanbag the size of Sydney’s. I would also like Mario and Luigi Partners in Time for the DS.



Dear Santa and Miss. Claus

I would like an X-Box 360 250GB with Black Ops 2. I think I deserve these things, because I helped Brenda and did dishes at home and I changed my brother’s diapers. I also help Vickey with laundry.

How many cookies and milk do you have on Christmas Eve? How many elves do you have?



Dear Santa & Rain Deer’s

I want a I Phone 4s because help my mom with th dishes sometimes. I want a 3DS because all of my other friends have a 3DS and a Ipod 32GB. I think I deserve these things because I help Preston’s mom with the dishes. I help with their little brother to play with him when they cook supper so he isn’t too lonely. Skyler


Dear Santa

Is your beard as white like the snow.

What is your favorite cookies because I do a lot of baking.

What is your favorite reindeer in the team.

Do you have fun for Christmas day.

How many elves do you have to make the toys.

What do you like doing for Christmas.

How many reindeer do you have.

Do your elves work hard.

How are you doing.

I want a Ipad and a Ipod for Christmas. Because I been good all year.

How is Mrs. Clause doing?

Did Mrs. Clause have any kids.

What I like doing for Christmas is to cook. Jillie-Anne


Dear Santa

I want a Play station and black ops 2 ad a I pod and two controllers. I think I deserve these things because I do lots of chores and listen to my teacher and help my dad all the time and pack lots of wood. How do your reindeer fly ad how do deliver presents so fast? Cole


Dear Santa

I sure hope you can read handwriting.

I want an iPod Nano to play games on. I want an X Box 360 Kinect touchable, and I want Sky Lander Giants. I want Black Ops 2, Halo 4 and 4 controllers.

I think I should get these things because I take out the garbage every day. I work very hard at school.

If you bring me these things, I’ll work at school even harder than I do now. I will help my grandma with her garden. Jay

Dear Santa

I would like a I pad mini a iphone 5 a black berry tablet and a i pod that has 32GB. Because I do alot of chores I help take care of my brothers and high tops that go up to my knee. And my brothers where cinda being good i guesse. Tasia


Dear Santa

How are the reindeer and elves? Here at Lytton it started snowing. It started on Dec. 6. Everyone ran to the window. This year I am in grade 5. I have a new teacher. Her name is Miss S. This year I am in the Christmas play. I am the red-nosed reindeer. This year can I please have a dog like Buddy? I think I should get one because Buddy is lonely when I go to school and mom and dad go to work. He has no one to play with and I think I deserve it because I was hard working at school. I would feed it every day and play with it and make a house for Buddy and it and this time I know how to take care of it and I will still take the same care for Buddy because then he would be very sad. What kind of cookies would you like? What do the reindeer like? Do the elves want something too? If they do can you tell me? Kiera