Follow the Inukshuk Trail

Start exploring the many interesting walking trails around Ashcroft.

As the days grow warmer, more and more people are taking advantage of Ashcroft’s abundance of great walking paths and hiking trails.  Choosing to take a daily walk is part of many people’s routine and often they look around for new trails to explore.

In the Mesa Vista, the “dunes” are a very active place, particularly first thing in the morning.  Crisscrossed by numerous paths, the dune walks are generally classified as “easy.” The pungent aroma of silvery sage and mats of prickly pear cacti combine with bunchgrass and myriads of wild flowers at different times of the year, making for an ever changing tableau. The arrival of meadowlarks, brilliant bluebirds and other songbirds is a joyful sound that signifies the arrival of Spring.

For longer hikes with more variety, several paths continue out of the dunes area and either transverse the base of the hills or head up steep hillside paths to upper grass covered meadows with spectacular vistas.

Unique signage marks the trailheads of two of the favorite trails in the Mesa.  Newly named “Inukshuk Trail” transverses in a north-south direction along the base of the hills above the Mesa. The northern trailhead can be accessed above Willow’n Bed and Breakfast on Mesa Vista Drive, while the southern trailhead starts at the end of Heustis Drive.

Inukshuk, meaning, “someone was here” or “you are on the right path” portrays the character of the trail. Over 200 inukshuks have been built along the length of the trail by the locals who walk here adding a whimsical flavor to a lovely walk that gives one a breathtaking view of the town and valley spread out below.

Andrea Walker