Last year's Strawberry Tea at the Ashcroft Seniors Centre attracted a healthy crowd of hungry people. This year's tea is on April 29.

Last year's Strawberry Tea at the Ashcroft Seniors Centre attracted a healthy crowd of hungry people. This year's tea is on April 29.

From the Centre: Ashcroft/Cache Creek seniors prepare for Strawberry Tea

Plus a carpet bowling tournament is coming up in Cache Creek on April 5.

We had much discussion at the March 16 meeting, where we were glad to see new faces in attendance. The usual routine was gone through, with reports on our various activities given as follows:

Carpet bowling is thriving, and we will be having a tournament in Cache Creek Community Hall on Wednesday, April 5. Bridge is coming on in leaps and bounds, with even more new attendees, and card playing is continuing at a steady rate with the usual players. Bingo numbers are wavering, but are expected to increase once our winter ails are past.

Upcoming events include the Strawberry Tea at 1 p.m. on Saturday, April 29 (admission $5). This is much enjoyed by all who come to sample the tasty treat!

There has not been much response to the request to join the trip to the Pig and Whistle. We need about 50 names to make it viable to hire a bus and so far we are quite a bit short, so get your name in if you want to go.

Isobel and Kevin, our reporters for the 55+ BC Games (formerly the Seniors Games), were at a meeting in Kamloops and came back just in time to catch the end of our meeting.

They report that we have representatives from Ashcroft going for curling, bridge, horseshoes, and tennis. The Games will be in Vernon in September, and are open to all those aged 55 and older. Anyone else interested?

In May we will be holding elections for the executives of the Seniors Group. All positions will be open for election, so please come in and help to keep the organization going, otherwise we may have to close down, as the current officers are getting very weary!

Many of our members are in their eighties—some are in their nineties—so we need some new blood! Membership is open to anyone over age 55.

Where I grew up on the banks of the Tay, a story was told to children who were perhaps too fond of themselves. It concerned a young monk new to the local abbey, who was given the job of ringing the bells for the services every four hours during the night and day, to summon the monks to prayer. Evidently he thought this task beneath him, and one day left the abbey and climbed to the top of the nearest hill, where he sat thinking, “That will show them!” as the moon faded and the sun rose.

Suddenly, to his amazement, the singing of the birds was drowned out by the ringing of the abbey bells, and realizing that there would always be someone to do the job, he said, “The bells of the abbey will aye be gotten rung!”

Unfortunately, for centuries now the only things left of the abbey are an archway of stone and a farm called Abbey Farm on the grounds where the abbey once stood, so the moral of the old story is not quite what it once was!

Every bit of an organization is necessary, from the unnoticed things behind the scenes (read clean-up and preparation!) to the work of keeping all our affairs in order; much of which is not recognized until it is undertaken. Please come to the meetings, on the third Thursday of every month, and help to keep us afloat by volunteering to help in the running and operation of our group. We don’t want to be just a part of history—like the abbey!