From the Centre – Seniors Centre is open for fun

The Ashcroft Cache Creek Seniors Centre is open for the new year with lots of fun activities.

Welcome to 2015! By the time you read this, we will have had our first week back at the Centre, weather permitting! We will have put almost all our celebrations in our memory boxes and we will be back to normal routines and wearing “Auld claes and parritch” – translation – wearing everyday clothes and eating everyday fare.

Our schedule is as follows:-

Monday – Bridge, doors open at 12:30 pm; Tuesday – Carpet Bowling, doors open at 12:30 pm, and Card Games at approximately 2:15 pm; Wednesday closed; the third Thursday of the month is our business meeting – noon pot luck lunch; Friday – Carpet Bowling, doors open at 12:30 pm, and Card Games at approximately 2:15 pm; and Saturday – Bingo open to the public, doors open at noon.

Annual membership dues should be paid in January.

Nola McIlravey

It is said that the kitchen is the heart of a home, so surely the ruler of the kitchen is one of the most important members of our group. She is the one who sees to it that we have tea, coffee and goodies available all the time and that the kitchen is well stocked with all the necessities. Our “boss of the kitchen” is Nola McIlravey and I would like to tell you a little about her.

Moving from one location to another 45 times in 47 years and living in three provinces – what an interesting life she has led! She has also a more complete reading of this land of ours than most of us do! Born in Penticton, she was raised in Powell River and has lived in many other BC towns and cities besides travelling to locations in Alberta and Ontario, following availability of employment while raising three children. She has had training as a cook and as a care aide as well, and she volunteers for Better at Home, so we know we are in capable hands!

Besides that, she has the most infectious laugh that keeps us all smiling. The big plus in her favour is that she says she likes Ashcroft and its people best of all the places she has lived!

I hope this little thumbnail sketch of Nola will be the first in a series, so watch this spot for – “Getting to know us, getting to know all about us” almost as Julie Andrews sang – well, maybe not all but certainly an introduction.

Next meeting is on Thursday, Jan. 15 – it seems early this month, but it is the third Thursday. It is important that we all attend these meetings as there are things we discuss and it is helpful if everyone has a chance to make their feelings known. Do come and introduce yourselves to Nola if you haven’t already met her, and enjoy the very tasty pot luck lunch with the rest of the members. See you there!

Joyce West