The Ashcroft-Cache Creek Seniors “Over 80” group pose for a picture before their luncheon last week. Front (l-r) Joyce Freeman

The Ashcroft-Cache Creek Seniors “Over 80” group pose for a picture before their luncheon last week. Front (l-r) Joyce Freeman

From the Centre – Seniors have fun while staying active with friends

The Ashcroft-Cache Creek Seniors Association is always looking for new ways of keeping its members active.

I may have the numbers wrong, but not wildly so, when I write that we had 23 80+ers and about 18 others who came out to celebrate the Seniors 80+ Luncheon on Oct. 8 in the Seniors Centre. The kitchen staff of Nola (charge hand!) and her helpers Kitty, Irene, Kathy and Carolyn did a marvellous job, keeping our plates well filled with the delicious food that they had prepared. We are fortunate to have such a great group of ladies who are willing to put so much effort into catering for us. Thanks most whole heartedly to you all!

We also would like to thank the representatives from the Village who came, including Coun. Barbara Roden. We like to know that we are not forgotten! Also with us were Past Mayor Andy Kormendy – he took some photographs, too – and some others who had lived in Ashcroft/Cache Creek a few years ago. Great to see you all!

Our group scrapbook was on display on the lectern loaned to us through the good offices of Kristine in the Village Office from the Firemen, I believe!

The oldest of our members at 97, Dorothy Colebank was with us too, and we were glad to see her back from her recent trials and tribulations – welcome back, Dorothy! No matter how much we try, we will not catch up with you if you keep on going as you do now! The decorating was done by Muriel and her helpers, and gave the room a lovely seasonal touch with all the autumnal colors on display, so it was very appropriate in many ways. We had something new, too, a door prize, and it was won by our newest member, Maria Paulos. Way to go, Maria!

The business meeting of the Ashcroft-Cache Creek Seniors Association will be held as usual on Oct. 15 after a potluck lunch. We hope as many of you as possible will turn up and help us keep going strong for as long as we can. All of our usual activities are going well with regular groups of bridge players and carpet bowlers turning up faithfully every week, as are the card players – not so many mandala makers, though. If you would like to find out more about it, drop by on Tuesday, Thursday or after the business meeting, at 2pm or so and give it a go!

We have now experienced two sessions of Zumba with our very enthusiastic instructor, Karen. Though we are still quite a small group, the fun we have is HUGE! Karen plays music for us that we all love and remember, and that in itself helps us with all the movements, and keeps our toes tapping.

I have to admit, I do the exercises sitting down, while everyone else is up on their feet, and I have found that some of the movements would definitely be better done standing. Have you ever tried to do anything resembling the Twist, while seated? It all makes for lots of laughter and hilarity within the group!

When we stop – after 30 minutes or so – we are all ready for our glass of – wait for it! – WATER,  along with some thankful sighs of relaxation. Karen assures us that it does get easier with practice, though, and already I think we feel more secure with some of the movements. Our next session is on Thursday, Oct. 29 starting fairly sharp at 1pm in the Seniors Centre. Why don’t you pick up your dancing shoes or slippers and join us? It is great fun – and good for you, too!

Please remember to mark your calendars for Oct. 19, Elections Day. It seems we are very fortunate to have our polling station in the Village, while some  places are deemed to belong to other towns and villages at quite a distance from their own abodes.

Remember, too, the Flu Clinic coming up soon – even if it may not protect against all the flu strains, the shot does counteract some of the strains, and some is better than none!

Remember, at the Centre the doors are open Monday, Tuesday and Friday afternoons and you are welcome to drop in on us at 1pm to find out what we are all about. Have a great week!

Joyce Ford