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Graymont's Pavilion Plant awarded Best Overall for NAOSH Week

Lime Plant receives national Best Overall award from the NAOSH Week Steering Committee and CSSA.

For the second year in a row Graymont Western Canada Inc. - Pavilion Plant has received recognition for their contributions to North America Occupational Safety and Health (NAOSH) week.

This year they received the BC award for the mining category and the national Best Overall award from the NAOSH Week Steering Committee and the Canadian Society of Safety Engineering.

The dedication for making the workplace safe and healthy for the community, as well as the workers on site was successfully demonstrated in the planning and execution of the NAOSH week events. They informed the areas young workers on the dangers of workplace hazards through education sessions, as well as games that demonstrated what it would be like to play their favorite sports if they were permanently injured at work.

The mine team utilized their training to demonstrate how they would successfully lower an injured worker from one of the highest points on site. They utilized ropes and pulleys to secure and lower rescue team members.

For the community they had an open house where local health workers reviewed diabetes risks, cholesterol and nutrition with the workers on site and community members that came to the open house.

Join us in congratulating Pavilion plant in a job well done!