It was all fun and games at the first ever Trivia Night

It was all fun and games at the first ever Trivia Night

Great fun at Trivia Night

Zion United in Ashcroft hosts its first ever community Trivia Night.

There were three teams competing for trivia champ 2013 at the first ever Trivia Night held in the Zion Church hall, and the competition was close.

It was great to see people around the tables throwing out ideas and asking questions about an era or object that would give it context. And it was interesting to hear the odd bits of songs being sung or someone quietly challenging a teammate about an answer with another. The feeling in the room was energized by all of the teamwork in progress.

The end result was that scores were close after eight rounds with 12 questions in each round. The champs were: Kathy Johnson, Dave Fenwick, Helen Forster, Lynn Lancaster and Val Carey. Congratulations!

Zion UC appreciates the door prizes donated by the Ashcroft Bakery, Tracey Knihnitski and Alice Watson.

The winners were: Dave Fenwick, Kathy Paulos, Kenneth Platz, Reta Robertson, and Dave Gory. Thank you to everyone who participated and made the evening so remarkable.