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HUB is bustling with local activity

The Ashcroft HUB is starting to fill up with user groups. The Society says there's still more room.

Everyone knew turning the elementary school into a community centre was a good idea - it just needed someone to do it.

It didn’t take very long. As soon as it was known there was space for rent in Ashcroft, user groups started to approach the HUB Society.

“My Fair Lady continues to use the gym,” says Society member Juanita Little. “It’sbeen great having people in and out of the building with that happening.”

Even the production company - WRAPS - was thrilled to be able to rehearse and perform in the same building - meaning they didn’t have to move their sets and props from building to building.

Little says they have sports and fitness groups interested in renting and have turned the old library into a fitness studio. She says Zumba will be in there, Karate has expressed interest in the gym, and they wouldn’t mind getting some fitness equipment in one of the rooms for drop in users.

The Ashcroft & District Rotary Club will be holding its annual Candy Cane Ball ther on Dec. 19, and in January artist Jo Petty will be offering after school classes in art.

Artist Marina Papais will be renting space to create a couple of community mosaic pieces, and there is another lady taking names of anyone interested in tap dancing lessons.

Meanwhile, the Society itself is planning a Christmas craft sale in the gym on Sunday, Dec. 6. Besides renting tables and apaces to the public, the School District left behind some items that it no longer wanted and they’ve given the Society permission to sell them - items like  filing cabinets, desks, books, etc. Those will be on sale while the craft sale is going on.

“More things are coming along as availability of the building becomes known,” she says. “We’re just ticking along!”

The Society is still looking for more users. “The bills are big,” she explains.

Little says the Society members have been pretty stringent with their budget, paying the rent and the bills that need to be paid right away. The things they’d “like” to pay for as opposed to “have” to pay for are being shoved aside until they have all the money they need.

“The group has been good at getting by with nothing,” she says.

Little says they need to paint the walls, especially where the lockers used to be. They could use garbage cans and snow shovels and vacuums.

“We watch for sales and continue to bring personal equipment from home to use,” she says.

They’re feeling their way along when it comes to policies for groups and what to do when the fire alarm goes off unexpectedly. At the same time, they’re trying to conduct business and find new groups and activities.

“It’s never a dull moment,” she says.