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In God’s Pocket: St. Alban’s Anglican Church

The season of Lent is here, and the Soup’s On program needs a new scheduler
Soup’s On at St. Alban’s Anglican Church in Ashcroft is looking for a new scheduler. (Photo credit: Barbara Roden)

The. Rev. Linda LaGroix

Wow, where has the time gone? We have sped through the Christmas season and the quiet time before Lent, and this week we began the quiet time of Lent.

Lent is a time of reflection, focused study, and prayer, all in preparation to walk the road that Jesus took on the way to His trial and crucifixion on Good Friday and then His glorious resurrection on Easter Day, when He was raised to new life. It is through His resurrection that we are also drawn into new life. All of this happens as creation wakens once again from its winter sleep to reveal new life.

In St. Alban’s Anglican Church’s community outreach, we continue in faithful service with the weekly Soup’s On meals. We also had a special supper on Tuesday, Feb. 21, the first day before the season of Lent begins, called Shrove Tuesday, or Mardi Gras, with pancakes, sausages, and scrambled eggs. There was much laughter and fellowship as we shared this meal with many people from our communities. Part of the idea of Shrove Tuesday is to rid ourselves of the decadence we are often used to, so that we can spend our time in Lent in a simple and less self-centred manner.

Please see the Soup’s On report describing the wondrous outreach this program gives to the canyon communities, submitted by our current scheduler, Karyn Bryson:

“Joy and laughter fills the hall on Fridays these days. Our visitors are happy to have the hall opened again, after COVID, for socialising and a nutritious noon meal. Sometimes we have trouble getting them to leave so we can clean up and go home. Most weeks we serve 40-50 people. There are also visitors we don’t count as they just come to have coffee or tea and socialize.

“The Rev. Martina Duncan retired a year ago after 10 years of starting and championing this outreach service. Karen Rooke offered to take over the scheduling, but she was new to the community, so I offered to do the scheduling for one year. That year is up, so we need to start looking for a new scheduler.

“Jim and Martina Duncan led the big meals at Thanksgiving (95 people) and Christmas (82). The Ashcroft Terminal and Shannon Porter have been very generous with food supplies and workers. We bought two new barbeques last spring that were used last summer for a completely donated feast by the United Steelworkers Highland Valley Copper. The Seventh Day Adventist Church also brought us $300-worth of staples to help us each week. Individuals donate soups and share from their gardens or supplies. The donation jar usually has mostly $5 bills, with some $10 and $20 bills. Offerings from individuals often go into the hundreds. We are holding our own.

“We now have four regular monthly teams and three occasional teams who help every second month. We have 55 volunteers on our contact list. We presently have two new people who want to join us and may be able to eventually lead a team after some time spent shadowing a regular team. Our goal is to have eight to nine teams so that we only have to prepare every other month. Hope springs eternal.

“Please take the time to thank the volunteers. They often comment on how their work comes back to bless them while helping us.”

Blessings as we journey together.

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