Kormendy appointed new Kumsheen principal

Andy Kormendy called back from retirement.

The Board of Education is pleased to announce that Andy Kormendy has accepted the position of Principal for Kumsheen Secondary School as of Aug. 1.

Kormendy received his Bachelor of Education from the University of British Columbia in 1975 with majors in history and special education. He has been a committed educator in Gold Trail School District since 1976 when he started his career in the district. In 2006 he was elected as President of the Gold Trail Teachers’ Association and served in that role until 2009.

Kormendy has been the Vice Principal of Kumsheen Secondary School since January 2011, and is looking forward to working to his new role.

Chair of the Board, Valerie Adrian, congratulated Mr. Kormendy on his appointment. “Mr. Kormendy displayed his commitment to the students of Kumsheen Secondary and the community of Lytton in his role as Vice Principal and the Board welcomes him to his new leadership role as Principal.

Current Kumsheen principal David DeRose returns to being full-time District Principal for Aboriginal Education.