Living Well – Local food healthier for all

Wayne Little's monthly column of motivation and nutrition for getting and keeping fit.

We live in a great area for being able to purchase food for our kitchen from local farmers. With farmers markets, Desert Hills farm, Safety Mart selling locally grown food, hog and cattle farmers, you name it – it’s available to us.

What are the advantages to choosing locally grown food though? There are many.

Local food tastes better, and is better for you. You are getting the freshest produce, sometimes picked that same day. Food loses its nutritional value the longer it sits in a truck or on a shelf.

Locally grown food involves less transportation. If the food on your table came from California or South America, think about how much fuel was burned to get that food here. At most, the food you get locally may involve a short tractor pull.

Local food involves less packaging. With our landfills ever increasing and overflowing, we don’t need anymore overpackaged food items.

Local food supports our local farmers. If our farmers can make a decent living, it can only help our community, and keep them in our community in the future for our children and grandchildren.

Local food is safe. Our farmers aren’t going to use dangerous chemicals that could endanger our lives. Local food is great for family outings. A trip to the farmers market, or even a chance to pick your own food, is a great way to spend time with the family.

Buying local food boosts your ego. It makes you feel good knowing you are supporting a local farmer, knowing you are making a difference.

Buying grassfed beef from you area will help make your surroundings greener.

So next time you are thinking about restocking your fridge or freezer, think twice about heading to Costco, or Walmart, and head to your local farmer.

Wayne Little