Coach Trill’s Boogie the Bridge 2013 team

Coach Trill’s Boogie the Bridge 2013 team

Living Well – Movement is change, start moving

Vicky Trill's monthly column on exercise, motivation and nutrition.

Most of you have tried running at some time in your life. Maybe you ran in gym class or at the track meet in school, or maybe you just ran away from the bullies who tried to take you lunch, but chances are you’ve tried running.

I’ve met people with all levels of fitness, some who love running, some who run because it’s just good exercise, and others who tell me, “I can’t run, I’ve never been a runner.” Whichever one you are, there is a run club for you!

Coach Trill Fitness is teaming up with Runner’s Sole and Kamloops’ Jo Berry to bring you a free running clinic to transform your run and maybe even your life!

Jo Berry is a running leader and the founder of Boogie the Bridge. I first met Jo in 2005 when I heard her share her inspirational story about how “Movement is Change.” Jo was an unhappy, unfit Mom who one day made a decision to “move” and from that movement came “change.” Today, Jo is a different person.

“Jo Berry is a trailblazer-both literally, and figuratively. She has been synonymous with fitness in Kamloops and through RunClub, she has inspired and encouraged thousands of people to become fit and live healthier lives.” Kamloops Daily News.

In Jo Berry’s words, RunClub can make the impossible, possible and can turn non-runners into lifetime runners. For those who have been runners and have struggled with injury, RunClub transforms their technique. Learning to run properly reduces, prevents and helps people recover from injuries – proving that running can be pain free, easier and a ton of fun. People of all ages, paces and levels have improved their lives, health and happiness and yes have become lifetime runners. So if you believe Movement is Change, then join us on a Saturday in March to learn to and improve your run and transform your life!

When: Saturday, March 1 at 10 am

Where: Ashcroft Secondary School.

What: Runner’s Sole will present a shoe fitting clinic (the right shoe makes all the difference!) followed by Jo Berry’s  running clinic.

Bring: Dress for the weather, bring water and for get ready to learn to run!

For more information and to register, contact Vicky at or 250 457 7038.

Coach Vicky Trill