Living Well – New exercise club looking for members

Wayne Little's monthly column about training and fitness, and the Desert Hills Triathlon Club.

I don’t know how many runs I’ve done where I’m running along the slough road and I pass another runner heading the other direction, a friendly wave or thumbs up is usually all we offer each other. Too bad we couldn’t have run together?! Or I’ll be riding along on my bicycle and same thing – I’ll pass someone heading the other direction,

Vicki Trill and I got together and decided this area needs a club. Not really a club for just runners, cyclists, cross trainers or swimmers. A club for people who want to get some exercise with like minded people.

Why should you join a club? You’ll be encouraged to get fit on a regular basis, for the females – you’ll be safer in larger numbers, you’ll get advice from people on how to get fit and stay fit, you’ll stay motivated, you’ll enjoy your workouts more than doing them solo, and the best part is you’ll get discounts at a couple nice shops in the area.

You might think, “I’m not fast enough,” or  “I’m not good enough.” There will be people of all levels and the workouts will be tailored to who shows up.

With no affiliation to the local farm, the club is called “Desert Hills Triathlon Club” – don’t be intimidated by the name, it’s not just for triathletes,  it’s for people who want to run, train, bike, hike, swim or whatever with other people.

Facebook will be the hub for all postings of when and where the workouts will be, but you can be contacted by phone if you don’t have a computer. Join now on Facebook if you search “Desert Hills Triathlon Club”.

The first meeting will be held on Tuesday, Feb. 5 at 7 pm at the Ashcroft  Elementary School Library.

At the meeting we will talk about what the club can do for you and what sort of  expectations you have.  Any and all questions will be answered.

Wayne Little