Living Well

Make realistic goals for exercising to avoid disappointment.

One of the best motivational tools in getting fit or losing weight is creating and maintaining your own goal. Your goal should be a positive, challenging and yet attainable.

Some good examples of goals are:

I will run a 10km running race.

I will to do a brisk one hour walk before work every day for a month.

I will attend a fitness class every day.

I will to lose 10 pounds in two months.

Tell your friends, family, and co-workers of your goals: the positive energy they’ll provide will help you attain your goal. They will also provide the peer pressure to keep you from backing out. Don’t use words like “Try”, “I’ll attempt”, or “I want to” in your goal. Begin your goal with positive words like “I Will.”

There can also be poor examples of goals. Ones that are too lofty or too vague like these ones:

I’m going to lose 50 pounds this summer.

I’m going to get fit.

I’m going to try to lose some weight.

Sometimes having a friend or your partner can help you achieve your goal.  “Such as “Suzy and I are going to run that 10km trail race coming up in two months.” However, this can sometimes backfire on you if Suzy decides to quit training before the race – “If Suzy isn’t going to run, neither am I.” So make sure if you decide to go this route, pick someone that’s been proven in the past to be reliable.

Now that you have decided on your goal, write it down on several sticky notes and post them around the house on your bathroom mirror, the TV remote, on the fridge, or on the dash of your car. These little reminders to yourself will help when you feel like you want to give up.

You have worked so hard and now you’ve achieved your goal. Treat yourself for your accomplishment. Go buy some new clothes, as your old ones probably don’t fit anymore. Another little treat is a nice massage for your tired but toned muscles.

Once you achieve your goal, you may find that what was once nearly impossible, is now simply part of your everyday routine. You are now ready to create a bigger and better goal.

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Wayne Little