Local groups combine Christmas bazaars this year

Groups hold their bazaars together to avoid splitting up the crowds.

Partnership is the way of the future for the survival of volunteer groups in small towns!

The Ashcroft Health Care Auxiliary (AHCA) and the Interchurch Christmas Bazaar (Zion United and St. Alban’s Anglican) have decided to hold their events the same day – Dec. 1.

It has become exceedingly hard to find a day that is free at this time of year, so the decision was made to hold the Christmas AHCA Thrift Shop Christmas Sale at the Ashcroft Community Hall from 10 am to noon, followed by the Inter Church Bake Sale and Bazaar in the Zion United Church Hall from noon to 2 pm.

So park your car and come enjoy these two community sales that have historically heralded the coming of Christmas.

Shirley Dobson