“Goldrush Cam” Tedford and his trusty “Wilbur” the mystery mule.

“Goldrush Cam” Tedford and his trusty “Wilbur” the mystery mule.

Mystery mule causes a stir at Ashcroft parade

A reindeer in mule's clothing doesn't fool the other four-legged critters.

I feel compelled to share a hilarious story from last week’s Rodeo Parade with the readers of the Ashcroft-Cache Creek Journal! It’s regarding “Wilbur” the mule.

Remember Rudolph, the reindeer who was built by my husband, Terry, and was ridden in the Christmas parade by Al Midgley? Well, we decided that we could give him a new suit and turn him into a mule for the (Ashcroft Rodeo) mining parade. After I finished making his new exterior, he looked like a “Wilbur”. It all started shortly before he was to set off on his adventure leading the rodeo parade along side his companion, “Goldrush Cam” (Tedford).

The Ashcroft & District Rodeo Association was next in the line-up. Apparently Wilbur, being a full-sized mule, was quite a puzzling and upsetting phenomenen to the real horses who were waiting behind him for the parade to commence. The horses were jumpy and a tad unruly, looking at this strange, still mule which was paused before them.

Finally, the largest horse of all could not take it anymore… He had to find out who this mysterious stranger was in their midst! He reached out his nose, whisked Wilbur’s take to one side, and took it a full, slow breath to acquaint himself further.

Trouble was, Wilbur’s tail was made out of Buffalo wool… Very fuzzy and loose. The poor horse snorted and blustered and sneezed, trying to clear the outrageous leavings of this mortifying mule from his nasal passages!

The parade then got underway and the equestrians were under control. First turn in the parade route, however, Wilbur hit a crack in the road with his front feet (wheels). Up went his back legs, appearing to the horses that he was bucking! Again the upset resumed. Finally, Ernie Dobson, president of the Rodeo Association, took the lead and ensured that the horses kept a good distance from Wilbur for the duration of the parade route.

Cam, meanwhile, had to life Wilbur’s front end whenever a crack ran across the road! Between Cam’s crazy antics and Wilbur’s foam and wire mouth jiggling as if he were talking when he went over the bumps or the wheels wobbled, they made quite the “mining” team! You never know the inside story until it’s all over!

Hope you all enjoyed the parade!

Heather Philpott