Left to right: Tanya Hewitt

Left to right: Tanya Hewitt

New Cache Creek fitness program gear to seniors

Cache Creek introduces new Seniors Fit For Life program.

The Village of Cache Creek is pleased to introduce the Seniors Fit For Life Program. The purpose of the program is to support seniors from Cache Creek and the surrounding area to become more physically active by participating in local health and fitness programs that are designed for seniors.

The Program will run until the Spring of 2013. Some of the fitness activities that will be provided include aquafit classes, both indoor and outdoor exercise classes, bocce ball, orientation to outdoor exercise equipment, line dancing and a walking group. Other activities will be added once input is received from the community’s seniors.

The Village has partnered with Vicky Trill to provide the health and fitness program. Vicky is already providing fitness programming for seniors in Cache Creek, and is certified through BCRPA as a Fitness Leader. She also has CPR and First Aid training. The health component of the Program will include holding of a Health and Fitness Fair.

The Seniors Fit For Life Program is also intended to support social participation and inclusion of seniors (both men and women), people with disabilities, low-incomes, or those that have other barriers to participation.  If anyone is interested in participating in a fitness program but is unsure of how to get involved, or has an idea for a fitness activity, please contact Vicky. While the Program will be offering fitness activities that are appropriate for seniors, all ages are welcome. Discounts and special pricing will be provided for seniors.

The Village received a grant from the Age-Friendly Community Planning Program which will be used to purchase indoor fitness equipment for seniors as well as to deliver the Seniors Fit For Life Program. A second grant was also received from New Horizons for Seniors and will be used to purchase outdoor fitness equipment for seniors that will be located in the Cache Creek Community Park.

Richard Ranta, with input from the seniors, has developed the logo for the program.

We hope all of our seniors will get involved, and have a healthy, happy summer!