Parents want answers about school closure

Feb. 10 meeting of the Ashcroft Elementary School PAC and discussions of school closure.

On Feb 10, the Ashcroft Elementary School (AES) Parents Advisory Council (PAC) welcomed trustees Chris Roden and Carmen Ranta to our monthly PAC meeting.

The meeting was well attended by upwards of 60 parents and community members who came out to voice concerns, state opinions, and ask questions of the trustees based on the recommendation that AES be closed and merged into the Ashcroft Secondary School. This recommendation comes from the document put forth by the School District called “A Vision For a Sustainable and Equitable Future for All” which can be found at

Many valid concerns were raised about closing the school and attendees asked numerous questions about other options. Many expressed frustration when their questions could not be answered.

At their Feb. 22 open board meeting in Lytton, trustees will vote on whether to enter into a 60-day consultation process with the community to decide if the school will be closed and how the merger will be conducted.

We encourage the public to contact the Trustees or school board office via phone, email, and letters, audio or videotaping to give feedback about this recommendation prior to the Feb 22 meeting at 7 pm in Lytton’s Kumsheen Secondary School. For those wanting to attend the meeting but unable to travel, the school district will provide video conferencing from AES (Gr. 4/5 connected classroom).Please note if you wish to speak, your name needs to be added to the agenda so please arrive early to do that.