The high school invited the elementary schools to a Christmas craft day.

“Phillip wishes for a gooey, blobby, ball thingy.”

Santa Letters from the students of Cache Creek Elementary School

Ms. Ellis’

Kindergarten Class

Dear Santa,

How are you doing? I was good this year all the time. Could you please give my brother  some cars? I would like an action figure. Do you have any sisters? Thanks for everything!


Dear Santa,

I was really good this year except for when I had fights with my sister. My sister wants a deer for a pet. My mom doesn’t need anything. I want an airplane. What is your favourite colour?


Dear Santa,

How are you? How is Mrs. Claus? I was really good this year. Could you please bring my sister Terra a purple dress? My dad would like a motorcycle. May I please have a real doll? How do reindeer fly? Merry Christmas Santa.


Dear Santa,

How’s everyone at the North Pole? I was really good this year. Could you please bring my mom chocolate? Could you also bring my sister Barbie stuff? May I also have lots of Barbies? Would you please bring everything to me and my family? I hope you like my cookies.


Dear Santa,

How is Rudolph? I was really good this year. I was very good and not bad at all. Could you bring my sisters candy? May I please have a stuffy? What is your favourite kind of cookies?

Thank you.


Dear Santa,

How are your elves? Could you bring my mom a prince toy? Could you bring my sister a princess doll that talks? Could you bring my dad a speaker? May I have a toy bear please? What is one of your elves’ names?

Thank you.


Dear Santa,

How are you? Can you get my mom a camera please? Can I have a toy train please? How are your elves and your reindeer?

Thank you.


Dear Santa,

How are you Santa? What is the name of one of your elves? My sister Savannah wants a baby toy. My brother, Craig, wants a guitar. My older brother, James, wants a video game. My mom wants red pajamas. My dad wants a computer and I want chocolate.

Thank you.


Dear Santa,

Hi Santa. I was really good this year except for when I pushed Kayla in a swimming pool. My family wants a light for the Christmas tree. How’s Mrs. Claus? Thank you.


Dear Santa,

How are your reindeer? Could you bring my mom a pretend Christmas tree and my dad a big, big, big, toy truck? Can you bring my sisters dolls, earrings, and candy? Can I have a dirt bike? How are you?

Thank you.


Dear Santa,

How are your elves doing? My mom wants a new t.v. My sister wants a rattle. I want an  XBox 360 and my brother wants a stuffy. I was bad because I was bugging my brother!


Dear Santa,

How is Rudolph and your elves? I was really good this year except for when I…I didn’t do anything bad because I am a good girl. Could you bring my mom a purple dress with a necklace that is purple? What my older, older sister wants for Christmas is lipstick that is dark pink. I think my older sister would like a black puppy dog. I would like purple eye shadow for Christmas. Thank you for being so nice. What is your favourite food? Have a Merry Christmas.


Dear Santa,

How are you? I was really good this year except for when I was pushing people over. Could you bring my mom some hair dye and my mom some new socks? I think my brother would like some cars and trucks. My sister Audry would like purple and pink nail polish. My other sister, Jasmine, would like some make up. I would like a piano with a seat. What is your favourite colour? Have a Merry Christmas.


Dear Santa,

How are you doing? I was good all year. My sister wishes for a pencil box. My mom and dad wish for a water table. I wish for glue. Do you like cheese?


Dear Santa,

How are you Santa? I was really good this year. Can my mom have a vacuum? Can my dad have a flashlight? A.J. and Andre want Lego Star Wars. May I please have Lego Star Wars for Christmas? I like you Santa.


Dear Santa,

Please bring me presents. I want cars, trucks, Lightning McQueen and Mater. Please bring mommy a ring. I was really good except when I had hands on at school. I’m trying not to.


Dear Santa,

Hi. How are you? My brother Noah wants Lego Star Wars. I want a 2011 Holiday Barbie doll. I was really good this year except when I hit my brother. Say Merry Christmas to Mrs. Claus.


Dear Santa,

Hi. My dad wants a new brown truck. My mom wants a fishing rod. I want a snowman toy and a monster truck. I was very good this year.



Ms. Hamson

Grade 4/5 Class

Dear Santa Claus,

Is it cold out there? My mom wants Super Mario 3D land for her Nintendo system. My dad wants a quad for Christmas. My older brother, Andrew, wants a  X-boX 360 Connect and my younger brother, Dillan, wants a cat. Finally, I want  a Phineas and Ferb Across the Second Dimension, the video game. Have an awesome Christmas.


Dear Santa,

How are you? I am good thank you. This year I would like a figit friend. I think my sister Sarah would like Phineas and Ferb Across the 2nd Dimension DS game. My mom would like a nice, soft, pair of slippers. My dad would like some sort of tool. I’m not quite sure what it is called, but he really would like it. My sister, Amanda, would like some new clothes. My little dog Mocha would like a chew toy of some sort. Can you please tell me one of your elves names? Hope you have a great Christmas.

Love Ali

Dear Santa

Hi my name is Andre and I live on a ranch in B.C. Canada. I am ten years old and I have four brothers, two sisters and one mom and dad. 🙂 I have been good, but not so good. I think I know what my family wants for Christmas including our PUPPPY!! I know that A.J. definitely wishes, of course, for an X-box 360!!!. Jessy wishes for lots of LEGO Star Wars sets. Mom wishes for a pretty ring that is pink, purple, blue and green. Phillip wishes for a gooey, blobby, ball thingy. My dad wishes for a pair of Christmas-ish socks (two pairs). Our puppy wishes for 3 Milk-bones (He thinks they are very yummy. He growls because he loves them so much!!) I wish for a green DSI with one game and I hope we all have a very merry Christmas. Fly safely here and home.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! 🙂


Dear Santa

How’s it going? I am fine. I think my brother, Nathan, wants a toy car for Christmas. My big sister, Raylene, said she’d like one million dollars. My bigger, Chantal, sister wants a laptop. I want one giant Lego set please.

I hope you enjoy my cookies!


Dear Santa,

How is Mrs. Claus? Can you please bring my Mom a necklace  and a ring. My brother wants a Bakugon and a 3DS please. My Dad would like a hat please. My sister wants a pink dress and a blue dress. My dog needs a squeaky toy and a doggie bone please.

Can you bring me a Barbie doll please? Can I also have a Barbie in a Mermaid Tail Two  please? I want Barbie: A Fashion Fairy tale please.

How do your reindeer fly?

Merry Christmas Santa,


Dear Santa and Mrs.Claus

How are you and your elves? My name is Bonnie I can’t wait for Christmas. I am going to San Francisco. Are you going on vacation? I hope you do because you work a lot to make Christmas great.

What my mom wants for Christmas is a golden bracelet with little tiny diamonds on it because she has been looking at one for a long time when we were shopping. Does Mrs. Claus go shopping? What my dad would like is some hunting gear or fishing gear he loves hunting and fishing. I hope you can get him a kit with it. He would be super happy I always thought hunting was kind of boring. My dad doesn’t though I like fishing better, it is fun. I think my brother would like is a big lego box with lego people. The first time he played with lego was when he was 4 years old he loved it. Now he wants more and more. I kinda liked lego so I usually play with him too. I help my mom babysit him sometimes, he sweet and nice sometimes a little annoying. Are any of your elves annoying you at all? I defiantly know what my dog wants a juicy chew toy that is blue and red. That taste like beef. I got my dog on September 27, 2011 the vet said he was baby but he is such a big dog he loves chewing on things.


Dear: Santa

I hope your reindeer are doing well.

Could you please bring my mom a new Mother Earth book, could you my dad a camra part, could you my older brother some gum and can you bring my little brother lego and can I have lego to please.

I hope you have a good Christmas.


Dear Santa

How are you? How are the elves?

How’s Mrs. Claus? Do you ever bring Rudolph on Christmas night?

Can you get my mom a new car for Christmas because she needs one? Can you get a ski doo for my dad please and can you get my little sisters a big doll house? Also, can you give my big sister make up and me a snow scoot? You should have a really good Christmas and tell Mrs. Claus that to.


Dear Santa,

How are you? How are your Elves?

Can my get my brother have Toblerone chocolate please and thank you. Can you get my Mom a romance book? Please and thank you. Can you get my Dad some Rocket candy please and thank you. I want Lego Ninjago Fire Temple please and thank you.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.


Dear Santa.

How are you? How is Mrs. Claus? I have been sort of good this year. May my mom have a phone a slide please and thank you? Can my dad have a laptop?

Can my brother have a remote control car because he always talks about it. Thank you. Can my two sisters have a My Little Pony toys because they are a little girls and, of course, they will want it. Please and thank you. Also can my baby brother have a little animal toys please and thank you. Can you send a bone for my puppy please and thank you. Lastly, may I have a I phone touch. I always wanted one. Please and thank you Merry Christmas. Fly safely.

My name is Maria. I am a eleven years old and I live in Williams Lake in B.C Canada.

Dear  Santa

I am Nickeshia. I am in Ms. Hamson’s grade 4/5 class in Cache Creek, British Columbia in Canada. How are you and Mrs.Claus? I am doing great. I think my mom needs some slippers for Christmas because she is always complaining about how her feet hurt and I think my sister Valentara should get a makeup kit because her makeup is running out. My other sister, Tatjana, should get hairspray because she is ALWAYS running out of hair spray and my grandparents should get a new computer because their computer is OLD. I think my dog, Lola, should get a dog coat because she is getting old and shedding. She will probaly get cold outside. My cat, Pandora, wants some new toys for her to play with because she is getting lazy  and I would like a new DS game or a new Wii game.

I hope you have a good Christmas and a happy new year. I also hope you like our cookies and milk,

PS.Fly safely

Sinserly Nickeshia!

Dear Santa Claus,

Hello! How are all your hard-working elves? They must be really busy with more than seven billion people in the world. Also, how is Mrs. Claus? I hope she is doing well.

For Christmas my mom would like gardening tools. She loves to be outside in the garden. Does Mrs. Claus like gardening too?

For Christmas my dad would like a Philadelphia Flyer jersey of Jeff Carter. He really likes hockey.

This Christmas my sister, Arianna, would really enjoy a laptop. She has wanted one for a long time. She always hogs the computer when I want on.

Lastly, for Christmas I would like the game Udraw for Wii. It looks really fun! I can’t wait till Christmas!

Well I hope you have an amazing Christmas and fly safely!


Dear Santa,

Hey Santa, how’s everyone at the North Pole? Can you please bring my brothers big head phones? My Mom has no heat in her car so she would like a car with heat please? Me and my dad always cook together. Please can you bring him new cooking things? My chinchilla would really like a hanging hay feeder for Christmas please? All I would like is to be with my family for Christmas. I hope you like my cookies! Fly safely Santa and tell Mrs. Claus I said Hi, thanks.

Oriana age 10!

Dear Santa,

How are you this fine Christmas day? Has Mrs. Claus made you any Christmas cookies before Christmas? Can you please bring my sister a laptop, my brother lots of Lego, and my little brother a remote controled Lightning Mcqueen car?  Can you please bring my mom a weed wacker because we have a lot of weeds and my mom does not like weeds? Can you bring my dad a motorcycle because he loves to go down big bumps? Can I please have ten packages of socks? Can I please ask you one question? Have you ever made your own cookies instead of Mrs. Claus making you some? Okay. Fly safe and don’t run out of magical gas for your sleigh.


Dear Santa,

My mom wants a book and dad wants a pack of socks. For my aunty, Camero, she would like baby clothes. I want a 100$ please a sheepdog puppy and a 3DS. Have a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Dear Santa.

I hope all of you are doing good. I was really good this year. Could you bring my dad some luck. May I please have a halk I blue sky for X-mas please and thank you.

How much elvs do you have.

Thank you.


Dear Santa

How are you and Mrs. Claus? I think my little brother, Wendel, wants a video game. I don’t know what my other brothers or my dad wants for Christmas. I wish I knew. I want a 3DS and a trampoline for the family please Santa  My dad would like a new job please. How do you deliver all the presents in one night? Have a good Christmas Santa


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