‘Please give all the homeless kids toys’

‘Please give all the homeless kids toys’

Letters to Santa from the Desert Sands Community School Grade 2/3 students.

Letters to Santa from Mrs. Ellis’s Desert Sands Community School Grade 2/3 class

Dear Santa: Please can I have Super Mario Odyssey and Star Wars Lego? I also want Preschool Prep Math Facts. Can you bring Granny some red yarn? Can you bring Mom chocolate?

From Ethan

Dear Santa: Is the story about Rudolph real? Please give me a WiiU. Please Santa, can my family have a good time?

From Axiano

Dear Santa: Can you please get me a computer, a tablet, and Hatchimals? And an Elf on the Shelf? How old are you?

From Alex

Dear Santa: Please give all the homeless kids toys. I will want a Furby. Is the North Pole cold?

From Gracie

Dear Santa: I like getting a surprise but I like getting just one present. Can you please get me a unicorn onesie? Can you tell my mom to get it for me? And for my present from you I want a phone and maybe a unicorn case.

Love, Olivia

Dear Santa: Bring my mom’s dad back home. Please and thank you. Please give world peace. Please can we help all the animals? For Christmas I want to give all of the homeless kids toys

Love, Abby

Dear Santa: Can you please get some Indiana Jones toys that are posable?

From Brennon. PS: How do you travel the whole world in one night?

Dear Santa: I wish for the whole Hot Wheels set. What is it like in the North Pole? I wish my cat didn’t have to wear a cone or have a pink spot. I want her to get better.

From Casey

Dear Santa: Please bring me a Peppa Pig set. How many reindeer do you have?

From Natalya. PS: My brother wants Lego.

Dear Santa: Please give me a Yo-kai watch and deluxe Omnitrix. Is Rudolph real? Can you give Matthew Minecraft for 3DS? Austin wants Sonic Forces. Jarred wants a new soccer ball. I love you Santa.

Love, David. PS: Also, can you get Big Matt a new phone?

Dear Santa: I would like a Nerf gun, costumes, and a Hover board for Christmas. Are you real? My baby brother wants a bottle.

From Aubrey

Dear Santa: Are you really allergic to cats? Does Rudolph have a red nose? Do you sleep all summer? Do you have a shop? I really want a new One 10 Do It bike. I really want a new hamster for my brother.

From Devon

Dear Santa: Can you please give me a bell, a GT, and Lego Star Wars? Can you please give my brother a phone? Are you real?

From Jeremiah

Dear Santa: Please get Grandma a coffee cup. Can you get me a computer please? Can you get me a phone and a tablet please? Are you real? Sarah wants a baby bottle.

Love, Sky. Thank you.

Dear Santa: How does your sleigh fly? For Christmas I would like a surprise. Carly wants a watch. Ollie wants a tool. He had a whole set and lost them all.

From Presli

Dear Santa: How cold is it in the North Pole? How do you get around the world in one night? Can you please give me the Air Hogs Thundermax for Christmas? Please give my sister some American Girl doll stuff. Please give my cat toys. Please give me Avengers Infinity the movie.

Bye for now. Lynden

Dear Santa: Can you name all the reindeer? Can I please have a tablet? Can I please have a book for my mom?

Love, Addisyn

Dear Santa: Are you real? Is Rudolph real? Can I have a Hatchimal? Can I have an ornament? Can I have a phone? Or earrings? Or ribbon? Or party supplies? Can I have a box? Can my brother have a Lego set? Can my mom have candles? Can my dad have a gun? Can my sister have flowers? Please?

Love, Malory

Dear Santa: Are you real? If so, say yes or no. Do you have a sleigh? If you do, say yes or no. Please can I have a Lego set?

From Kreston. PS: My sister would like a bath bomb and a blanket too.

Dear Santa: Is it true you have magic? Santa can you please give me Nerf guns and a hover board? Can I please have an army too for Christmas? Santa can you please get my family a puppy and a kitten? Please and thank you.

Love, James


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