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Public services, recreation top list

Clinton students are asked what it would take to make them stay in Clinton.
David Stoddart students Harry Liu and Jared Carrier

“What would keep you here or bring you back?”

This was one of two questions asked of high school students at David Stoddart School in Clinton, as part of a Sustainability Plan input session. Clinton Mayor Jim Rivett, Community Development Coordinator Daniela Dyck, and School District No. 74 Board Chair Carmen Ranta visited the school earlier this month, asking students to share what they’d like to see in the village that would make them want to stay and raise a family in Clinton. The other question students were asked was “What do you love about Clinton?”

Students were divided into two groups to complete the survey, which contained sections on Recreation; Social Activities; Economic Development; Jobs, Growth, and Development; Connectivity/Energy; Infrastructure; Services; and Education.

Both groups indicated that they wanted better health care services, such as a full-time doctor, a dentist, an optometrist, mental health services, and more accessibility for those with special needs. Other things that would keep them in Clinton included a swimming pool, water park, skateboard park, and a shooting range. They felt that more apartment buildings are needed, and would like to see a solar or wind farm, natural gas, free WiFi, a geothermal station, better roads, and an “off the grid” subdivision.

In terms of education, the students loved the Food Safe course offered last year, their teachers, and the TRU Welding trailer coming to the community in February. They noted that they’d like see more elective courses offered, and an exchange student program, as well as a Shop class, a hockey camp, and specialized teachers.

The students shared that they loved Clinton’s friendly atmosphere, the “mill” and the gas stations, as well as the park, rodeo grounds, curling rink, cross country ski trails, fishing, the curio and ice cream shops, and good cell phone service.

The results of the Sustainability Plan session will be included in the Village of Clinton’s Official Community Plan, which is in the process of being updated.