Clinton Seniors' Centre sign, 2017. Photo credit: Barbara Roden

Rockin’ and Talkin’ with the Clinton Seniors’ Association

Some light-hearted, non-strenuous exercises to keep you busy during the hot weather

This morning, the sun endures past dawn. I realize that it is August: the summer’s last stand!

Sara Bourne

It is summer: real, old-fashioned summer! Days are bright and hot and once again, kids can run through the lawn sprinklers. Flowers are a beautiful spectacle of colour. Families are travelling to lakes near and far to enjoy this favourite season. Children are paddle-boarding and kayaking and squealing with delight when their little hot bodies collide with the icy coldness of the mountain lakes and they repeat the action over and over again … summer fun!

Over the last couple of years COVID has affected family gatherings; at least, it did in my family. They have more than made up for it this year, and I have been enjoying family get-togethers since May 1.

The youngest ones, whom I’ve scarcely seen, are an absolute joy. How blessed I am!

Anton Chekhov said, “People don’t know whether it’s winter or summer when they’re happy.” The beautiful hot days are a bonus.

No deep thoughts coming your way this month, except that doctors advise “no strenuous activities during a heat wave.” I thought the following lines might give you a chuckle.


* Beating around the bush

* Jumping to conclusions

* Climbing up the wall

* Swallowing your pride

* Passing the buck

* Throwing your weight around

* Dragging your feet

* Pushing your luck

* Making mountains out of mole hills

* Hitting the nail on the head

* Wading through the red tape

* Bending over backwards

* Jumping on the bandwagon

* Balancing the books

* Running around in circles

* Eating crow

* Blowing your own horn

* Climbing the ladder of success

* Pulling out all stops

* Adding fuel to the fire

* Opening a can of worms

* Putting your foot in your mouth

* Setting the bar

* Getting the ball rolling

* Going over the edge

* Picking up the pieces

Whew! That’s some workout! Now sit down and exercise caution!

I hope all the seniors are enjoying the relaxing slower pace of summer.

There are no Clinton Seniors’ Association member birthdays to celebrate in August.

We are always the same age inside

Gertrude Stein

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