Rockin’ & Talkin’ – Clinton plans a work bee

Zee Chevalier's monthly column about the Clinton Seniors Association's activities.

Summer is slowly fading away as autumn gathers near, the wheat is ready, the fields are ripe, harvest time is here, according to Eadie Ames, and that is exactly what’s going on right now. It’s been a beautiful, hot, bright summer. I have been at our cabin near Kelly Lake for much of August and have thoroughly enjoyed the beauty of summer and the relaxation with family and friends.

Nearly every day we’ve had a wildlife sighting. One day it was a large black bear. Another time, it was a small black bear. A coyote passed through the yard and a cow moose and calf lingered momentarily in a clearing at the edge of the forest. A gaggle of Canada geese regularly cross the road at Leighwood Lake while the loon family and a pair of eagles hold our interest at Kelly Lake.

The pleasure of a drive to the Chasm was increased by the appearance of 14 or 15 Bighorn sheep. Nearly every day the same doe came running down Jesmond Road, turned in at our gate, and sprinted straight through the yard to the back of the cabin where she munched on red osier dogwood leaves until it was time to get a drink of water from the creek. We came to refer to her as our pet deer. How blessed we are living in the midst of this wonderful environment…nature at its best.

We hope that you have had a relaxing, enjoyable summer, but all good things eventually come to an end, and for the Clinton Seniors Association members, that means back to business with the first regular General meeting of the Fall season on Sept. 18 following a Potluck lunch at the Clinton Seniors Centre, 217 Smith Ave. Come and join us! Membership fees are $15 annually.

No date and time have yet been set to restore the Clinton Seniors Centre to order following the installation of the new flooring… but members will get a telephone call re: this work bee.

Happy Birthday to Diana Moulton on Sept. 15.

Zee Chevalier